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Flaygian Screwte is a member of the Myreque. He can be found in the Myreque hideout in Meiyerditch (not to be confused with the base in Burgh de Rott). He is the scientist and researcher, working directly under Safalaan. He leaves the base during Legacy of Seergaze due to becoming extremely frustrated for not being able to successfully construct an Ivandis flail, as he is a theorist and has poor practical skills. Although he supposedly wanted to take a stroll and have some fresh air, he still hasn't returned.

Prior to Legacy of Seergaze, Flaygian has made a rough translation of the Haemalchemy book that the player found during The Darkness of Hallowvale. Throughout Legacy of Seergaze, he sends the protagonist on a variety of "missions." They include finding and repairing a furnace, building an Ivandis flail, and killing a Vyrewatch.

In The Lord of Vampyrium, Vertida Sefalatis will only say that it's more comforting to think of him as dead rather than a coward when asked about his disappearance. Before his disappearance, Flaygian designed a new crossbow for Vertida, that fires blisterwood stakes. Vertida named it "Screwte" in honour of Flaygian Screwte.

During River of Blood, his severed head is seen on a bookshelf where he questions why the player is not using his superior flail design and the youngster is instead using blisterwood.

In In Memory of the Myreque, a statue is built in his honour, and he is presumed to be dead.

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