Flippers McGraw chathead

Flippers McGraw is a penguin accompanying Bard Roberts and Stanky Morgan in the pubs on Port Sarim and Mos Le'Harmless. Prior to completion of the Impressing the Locals quest, he merely tells players to keep walking.

If he is spoken to after Impressing the Locals with a raw seerfish, tarpon, sillago or wobbegong in a player's inventory, he will ask for the fish. If one of these fish is fed to him, he will eat it and then join the crew of Sarim's Revenge as a fixer. He can then be found with the rest of the crew on the islands throughout The Arc region.

In addition to having unique dialogue when spoken to on every island in the region, if he is unlocked, he will also play a minor role in Jed Hunter, Eye for an Eye, Harbinger, and Final Destination.

Getting Flippers to join your crew is a requirement for the Salty [Name] title.



  • His name is a reference to Feathers McGraw, a villainous penguin from the animation series Wallace and Gromit.
  • He was given a "talk to" option alongside the release of the Port Sarim Invasion on 11 July 2016. Prior to this, he was a non-interactive character. He also incorrectly addressed players as "Captain" even before being recruited, this was fixed with the release of The Arc itself.
  • Despite being a penguin, it is revealed during Harbinger that he does not know how to swim.
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