Flower Girl chathead

The Flower Girl is a Miscellanian girl located in the Miscellania's castle courtyard, which functions as a market for the island kingdom. She makes her living from selling sets of red, yellow, and blue flowers for the price of 15 coins each. However, the only type of flowers she gives are the Flowers (mixed) and you can only buy one at a time when talking to her. This creates a slow process of buying many of these flowers.

The flower girl might be of assistance to players in the following circumstances:

  • During the Throne of Miscellania quest, providing a helpful source of flowers when male players require them in order to "woo" Princess Astrid and female players need them for Prince Brand. They can then become engaged to the Prince or Princess and continue with the quest.


  • Her examine text "No-one would mistake her for a duchess." is a reference to a quote in My Fair Lady, "That's not true: he treats a flower girl as if she were a duchess".
  • It is possible to make a reasonable profit by buying these flowers from her and then selling them on the Grand Exchange.
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