Flowery mush is a type of animal feed that can be obtained from troughs at the player-owned farm after filling them with flowers. They may also be used to fill the troughs to feed livestock.


The following items can be used to create flowery mush:

Item Price
Marigolds Marigolds 5,327
Snape grass Snape grass 134
Rosemary Rosemary 970
Nasturtiums Nasturtiums 1,660
Woad leaf 5 Woad leaf 26
Flax Flax 96
Barley Barley 425
Hammerstone hops Hammerstone hops 1,178
Asgarnian hops Asgarnian hops 720
Yanillian hops Yanillian hops 423
Krandorian hops Krandorian hops 2,462
Wildblood hops Wildblood hops 325
Curry leaf Curry leaf 2,535
Red vine blossom Red vine blossom Untradable
Green vine blossom Green vine blossom Untradable
Blue vine blossom Blue vine blossom Untradable
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