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Fluffs is a cat belonging to Gertrude, and must be found during the Gertrude's Cat quest. After the quest has been completed, Fluff can be found outside of Gertrude's house. According to Gertrude, she is the mother of all the kittens players can buy from her.

  • If you have a cat or kitten within your bank and you talk to her it can lead to her scratching you, dealing 30 life points of damage.
  • If you use milk and fish (with the exception of cooked fish or tuna and trout) or any other type of food with Fluffs, she will eagerly devour it.
  • If you speak with Fluffs wearing a catspeak amulet and you have the cat in the menagerie Fluffs will act like you didn't even own a cat.
  • If you speak to Fluffs while having a kitten/cat following you, they will briefly converse.

In New Varrock there is an alternate, mummified version of her who is resurrected by Catbot 9000, Grumps, Baron Mauser, and 'Fraidy cat with the adventurer's help.



  • Fluffs most likely had a relationship with Bob the Jagex Cat, since Bob tells players' kittens that he is their father.
  • If you have on an amulet of Catspeak on while talking to Fluffs, she will thank you for finding her kittens, and makes a reference to Bob walking around the world.
  • If you speak to Fluffs with the amulet of catspeak with a kitten out, the kitten will call her 'Mom' and not 'Mum'. 'Mom' being the American spelling while in the United Kingdom it is spelled 'Mum'. When Fluffs asks if the kitten has been taken care of the kitten will reply "No complaints Mom". Although it is unknown if this was a mistake or was written intentionally in the dialogue.
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