Easter Bunny chathead
Fluffy only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.
Not to be confused with Fluffie.
Fluffy chathead

Fluffy is a squirrel featured in the Easter events Splitting Heirs & Egg-Streme Management. Fluffy is one of the intelligent squirrels hired by the Easter Bunny to work on the burrow's nut sorting machine. He may randomly shout sayings and questions.

Upon completion of the 2010 Easter event, the player was rewarded with Squirrel Ears. These have the ability to summon Fluffy, but he will only follow the player for a short time and once he disappears, he can't be summoned again for 30 minutes. If the player also finished the Factory Management part of the event in less than 15 turns, the Squirrel Ears could also summon Charlie the squirrel.


  • When you talk to a Fluffy that is not yours, it will reply, "Hello, you smell nice."
  • When the Easter event first came out, players could cast air strike or use a dwarf multicannon on other player's squirrels and kill them, doing 1 damage and obtaining bones. This was fixed.
  • When summoning one of the Squirrels they will yell out "Feel my squirrelly WRATH!", a reference to the webcomic Neurotically Yours.
  • Fluffy's job is similar to the squirrels' job in Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
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