Not to be confused with the plants grown with fly trap seeds.

Fly traps are similar to the Undead trees near Draynor Manor, and can only be found in several locations on Karamja. They will attack any players who stand adjacent to them. However, players cannot fight back or cut them down. They are immobile and can be avoided by simply moving one square away from them. They also cannot attack diagonally.

Their attacks are inaccurate and can hit up to around 96 life points worth of damage. It is possible for them to become tolerant.



  • Similar to most NPCs, the Fly trap will turn towards the player, in attempt to attack. However, they cannot move from their location.
  • Aggressive fly traps can be identified from their harmless counterparts by their yellow names, as opposed to blue which resembles a normal object or scenery.
  • The fly trap has 1,500 life points, a weakness to fire spells, and drops bones when killed, however only familiars can kill them.
  • When examining Fly traps, the text "No flies on me" will appear, regardless of whether the player has any flies with them or not.
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