Fog Banks in Stealing Creation is used to avoid enemies. They are most common around the mid-point of the two bases and they never appear near the bases. They can be hidden in by simply clicking on them, making pickpocketing easier as well as avoiding enemy attacks. Also, if you are at the edge of a fog bank then players in the fog can pickpocket you, and likewise if they have selected 'pickpocket' as the player ran into the fog. Most of the time, this fails, but it has its share of success. This tactic is very common and should be used if the player:

  • Is gathering supplies and is nowhere near a barrier or home base.
  • If under attack or being pickpocketed several times by the enemy.
  • If the player is low-levelled and is doing either the above.

Fog banks can be useful to the player's team and harmful to the enemy. Be cautious though, as you cannot attack, pickpocket, or follow others in a fog bank (aside from the exceptions listed above). It is very useful for getting away from Ancient magicks.

All attacks cannot follow a player into fog banks, even arrows or spells that have been fired. You could eat inside fog banks, making "guerrilla" tactics easier.

Items can be dropped and retrieved inside fog banks.

You cannot Rest while inside fog banks. Instead, it gives you the message: "You cannot rest in this form" similar to the East or West Graveyard in Soul Wars.

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