Font of Life
Font of Life
Release date Unknown edit
Seller Blasidar
Cost 50,000 coins
Duration 2:30 minutes
Message In your travels, pause awhile to remember (player name),
who passed away at this spot.
Description An elaborate font. As water collects in the bowl, it symbolises new life and hope.

A Font of Life is the lowest gravestone available at Blasidar the sculptor. It lasts for 2 minutes 30 seconds and can be purchased from Blasidar in Keldagrim for 50,000 coins. It also provides a 3% reduction in costs when reclaiming items from Death.

It doesn't display the time since the death of the player in the message, unlike the Small gravestone and Ornate gravestone.

During the Halloween 2011 event, an advertised Font of Life read "The only font you'll ever need. Comic Sans need not apply."

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