Food from the Stealing Creation minigame is made by using any class of sacred clay on a creation kiln. The class of the food is dependent on the class of the clay used to create it. The food is used to restore the life points of an injured player when eaten. The number of life points restored depends on its class level.

Item Level Required Life Points healed
Food (class 1) Class 1 level 1 Cooking 40
Food (class 2) Class 2 level 20 Cooking 80
Food (class 3) Class 3 level 40 Cooking 120
Food (class 4) Class 4 level 60 Cooking 160
Food (class 5) Class 5 level 80 Cooking 200


  • All classes of food have the same amount of pieces in the inventory icon as their class number, except for class 5 food, which has 7 pieces in the icon.
  • Sacred foods are heavy, possibly the heaviest food items in the whole game, having a weight of 2 kg each.