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This is our list of previously rejected proposals from the Yew Grove. To be included in this list:

  • The topic has been discussed and rejected at least three times.
  • The community has rejected the proposal overwhelmingly.

Wikians are not forbidden to re-raise these topics, but should note the reasons for why they failed. Such re-raised proposals must consider these objections strongly and explicitly address arguments against those objections before proposing anything similar again.

Prevent unregistered users from editing

Enable the blog extension

  • Proposal: Enable the blog extension through Special:WikiFeatures.
  • Previous discussions:
  • Reason for rejection:
    • There are numerous other ways to express oneself on the wiki, including the the userspace.
    • Blogs themselves do not fit into our philosophy, as the wiki is not a social networking site.
    • This extension has caused enormous strife on other wikis, as it can divide the community and take focus away from the point of that particular wiki.
    • Maintaining the blogs would be an administrative nightmare.
  • Conclusion: Blogs will not be enabled on this wiki in the foreseeable future.

Change the RuneScape Wiki's host

  • Proposal: Move the RuneScape Wiki from its current host, Wikia, to another host site.
  • Previous discussions:
  • Reason for rejection:
    • The logistics of changing hosts presents an almost insurmountable challenge.
    • There is a significant chance that readers will remain on Wikia, leaving the new site with little regular traffic.
    • While Wikia is by no means perfect, most other candidate hosting sites have their own similar issues.
  • Conclusion: The RuneScape Wiki will remain on Wikia barring exceptional circumstances.

Use videos in the mainspace

  • Proposal: Embed videos in the article namespace, whether for quest walkthroughs, combat guides, cutscenes, etc.
  • Previous discussions:
  • Reason for rejection:
    • MediaWiki software and the concept of wikis are built around text, not video. Requiring recording and editing software, hardware that can handle high graphics settings, and video production skills goes against the idea of a community where "anyone can edit".
    • Due to the constantly-changing nature of RuneScape, videos may quickly become out of date.
      • If something needs to be changed, other users will not have access to the uploader's original copy of the video. Downloading the existing video, editing it, and then reuploading it will cause progressive loss in quality.
      • Certain pieces of content cannot be replayed once completed, making it difficult and/or time-consuming to create videos for them if they are updated.
    • Videos require many times more bandwidth to download than an article composed of text and images, and cannot be quickly scrolled through or searched with a browser's find function.
    • If the video is narrated, hearing-impaired users will require captions or labels to be able to understand it, at which point it is no different from reading the article.
  • Conclusion: Videos are inferior to text-based guides and should not be added by our users.