For the fountain in the Heroes' Guild, see Fountain of Heroes.
Falador fountain
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A fountain is a decorative feature commonly found in towns and cities around RuneScape. Most fountains can be used as a source of water for jugs, buckets, bowls, vials, waterskins, etc.

They come in various designs, depending on the area they are in (as shown in the pictures below).

Fountains can virtually be found almost everywhere in RuneScape. Fountains can be found in major cities like Lumbridge, Falador, Varrock or places like Taverley and the Edgeville Monastery. A notable fountain is found in the south-west corner of the grounds of Draynor Manor; it contains the pressure gauge that players need in order to complete Ernest the Chicken. Another notable fountain is the one found in the Sorceress's Garden, which is used to exit the minigame by drinking from it.

Members can also construct a selection of fountains in the formal garden of their house, including a small fountain, a large fountain, and a posh fountain.

Fountains of RuneScape


  • Previously, when all of the graphic settings were set to low or off, the fountains would flash with the design of the fire cape. This was a glitch and has been fixed.
  • Interestingly enough, if you used a bowl with the chocolate side of the Varrock fountain during the 2012 Easter event, you would still get a bowl of water.
  • The examine text for some fountains is "Hope springs eternal.", which is a phrase used in the poem An Essay on Man by Alexander Pope.

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