Fountain of Heroes
Fountain of Heroes
Release date 27 February 2002 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest Yes
Location Heroes' Guild
Examine A source of pure water.

The Fountain of Heroes is located in the Heroes' Guild basement, in a small side passage near the runite rocks. Players can recharge amulets of glory (including the trimmed version) and rings of wealth by using them on the fountain. If a player has multiple amulets or rings equipped or in their inventory, they will all be recharged upon using either item on the fountain. Dragonstone jewellery can be recharged even if not completely uncharged. When restored, the amulet of glory has its four teleport charges renewed and the player has an increased chance of getting gems while Mining.

Players often charge these items as a way of making money. It is recommended that you wear a charged games necklace or use the Home Teleport spell to travel to the Burthorpe lodestone as it is nearby and there is a bank chest there.

Note: If a Beast of Burden familiar is carrying uncharged amulets of glory or rings of wealth, they will not be charged the same way the equipped/inventory-stored ones are. Usually what players do is they drop their amulets of glory or the rings of wealth on the ground next to them, withdraw the uncharged items, then they charge the uncharged amulets of glory or rings of wealth and they deposit the charged items in their Beast of Burden. Players then pick up their dropped items.

However, players may lose the items if they accidentally teleport or disconnect while some of them are on the ground. A safe way would be to leave one space empty in the inventory and the beast of burden's inventory, and swap charged and uncharged rings or amulets one by one when recharging. Alternatively, given the time it takes to manage the number of amulets or rings, it may be more worthwhile to simply recharge single inventories and take more trips back and forth from the bank.


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