Fragile cooking urn detail

A fragile cooking urn can be created at 12 Crafting. It is used with the Cooking skill to help with gaining experience. The urn is filled when the player has earned 2,750 Cooking xp with the urn in inventory. Once the fragile cooking urn is full, it becomes a fragile cooking urn (full) and can be teleported to Ernie for 550 Cooking experience.

The best place to make urns is in the Crafting Guild, which requires Level 40 Crafting or in Prifddinas. Otherwise, players may find it easy to complete in Gunnarsgrunn, Taverley or Burthorpe.

2 soft clay and 1 fire rune are required to fully make.

Steps to complete:

  1. Mine clay
  2. Use the clay on a water source to make soft clay. Which an be skipped if the clay was mined with a bracelet of clay
  3. Use the soft clay on a potter's wheel. You may need to use the drop down menu in the top left of the window to select the urn category.
  4. Use the (unf) urns on a pottery oven to fire them.
  5. Add the correct rune to the urn.

Many different foods under level 25 Cooking may be cooked. The following are only examples.

Loading the urn
Food XP per
per Food
# of Food
to Fill
Mackerel 60 2.18% 46
Redberry pie 78 2.84% 36
Salmon 90 3.27% 31
Meat pie 110 4% 25


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  • Beverages will not fill the fragile cooking urn or any other type of cooking urn.
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