Fragmentation Shot
Fragmentation Shot
Release date 20 November 2012 (Update)
Members No
Skill Ranged
Level 20
Type Basic
Adrenaline +8%
Equipment Any
Cooldown 15 seconds
Fires a shot which fragments on impact, causing your target to suffer damage equal to 100-188% weapon damage over 6 seconds. If the target moves location, they suffer 2x damage.
Fragmentation shot
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Fragmentation Shot is a Ranged basic ability and one of three bleed abilities for the Ranged skill, the others being Deadshot and Corruption Shot. It shares a cooldown timer with Combust.

Fragmentation Shot is a potent basic ability. When used, it hits once every 1.2 seconds for five hits in total, and deals between 100-188% weapon damage altogether. If the opponent moves during this bleed, the subsequent damage will be doubled, raising the maximum damage to 376%. One can force an NPC target to move by walking underneath them while in combat, or by stepping away if it only uses Melee attacks. Binding Shot will prohibit both of these maneuvers, so it is best to avoid using it before Fragmentation Shot.

Dismember is the melee version of Fragmentation Shot: it is a basic ability with the same base damage potential but without the double damage effect. Magic also has a bleed: Combust, which functions in exactly the same way as Fragmentation Shot.

Like most other damage-over-time abilities, the damage of this ability is not increased by:

  • damage-boosting prayers/curses,
  • additional damage applied by having boosted levels (i.e. from potions - note that this is a separate damage increase to the base damage increase from having a higher level),
  • damage increasing abilities like Death Swiftness
  • all variants of Void Knight equipment,
  • the focus sight and all slayer helm variants.

This may make it less desirable in some situations, but due to its higher-than-normal minimum hit, it is still one of the higher-damage abilities on average. However, Fragmentation Shot also has an abnormally high chance of hitting its minimum damage, which makes its average ability damage 120.6%.

The Lunging perk increases the base damage of this ability by 20% per rank, but moving the target only does 1.5x damage instead of 2x.


  • For a time after the Evolution of Combat, Fragmentation Shot would hit three times in PvM and six in PvP. This was changed on 13 January 2014 to five hits in both scenarios. The damage dealt per hit was not affected.
  • Until 8 August 2015, Fragmentation Shot shared its cooldown with Slaughter, even though its 3x multiplier was reduced to 2x. It now shares its cooldown with Combust.
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