Frank chathead

Frank is one of the five founders of a clan known as The Horsemen, and the only known mortal member of it. He is only a member of the clan because Death and the other three horsemen of the apocalypse needed a fifth person to found a clan and Frank happened to be nearby at the time. He is good friends with Death, and helps out with his duties when he is absent or busy.

Frank at Death's desk

Frank filling in for Death.

During the Missing, Presumed Death quest, he replaces the absent Death inside his office, serving as death tutor, master of the Soul Reaper distraction and diversion and the place to reclaim items on death. Like Death himself, he provides Soul Reaper tasks, gives access to the Soul Reaper reward shop, and can be used to change loot beam settings. He also replaced Death during the Gauntlet of Souls Hallowe'en event.

He and his pet chicken Horses also featured in the Deathcon II Hallowe'en event, where he invited players to The Horsemen's Citadel, and tasked them with getting the firework on the roof of the clan keep working correctly.


Hw11 frank

Frank's concept art.

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