This article is about the random event. For the follower during Temple Trekking, see Forester (Burgh de Rott Ramble).
Freaky forester chathead

The Freaky Forester was a random event. Players were whisked away to a small clearing in a remote forest in Gielinor where they were asked to kill a pheasant with a certain number of tail feathers. The player simply had to give the correct raw pheasant to the forester and then they were able to leave the area via a portal nearby. Players were rewarded with a random event gift. However, if the player gave him the wrong pheasant, they would be teleported to a different area and would not receive a reward.

Attacking the pheasants always dealt 50 life points (a one-hit kill) and gave no experience. Players could choose to get pieces of the Lederhosen set after successfully completing this random event.

After Random events were discontinued, the Freaky Forester can now be found within McGrubor's Wood surrounded by Pheasants.


  • "Lederhosen" comes from the traditional German wear that is popular in most festivities there.
  • There was a glitch where if you tried to attack your assigned pheasant with a Korasi's Sword special attack, you would receive the message: "You don't need to attack any more pheasants; you're allowed to leave." although this was before you actually kill the pheasant.
  • There was a glitch where you appeared on the Falador boundary wall when you were teleported back.
  • If you looked far enough north, you could see a large pool of lava right next to the edge of the forest, this is the fire runecrafting altar. A cave was visible to the north-east and part of the Fisher Realm could be seen to the south.
  • When you killed a pheasant, it was nearly impossible not to pick the raw pheasant up, as the character automatically did that. This interrupts the banking interface, Orb of oculus interface and conversations with the Freaky Forester. You couldn't even log out before you picked up the raw pheasant from the ground. However, the Customisation interface would immediately destroy the raw pheasant on the ground..
  • You couldn't kill pheasants after handing in a raw pheasant, no matter if it is the right or wrong type.
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