Prayer is considered by some to be the hardest skill to train in free-to-play worlds.

It takes a lot of money or extreme patience to train. In free-to-play worlds, there are few benefits to raising prayer above level 50. However, the higher your prayer level is, the longer you are able to sustain prayers. This can be very handy during player-killing and when fighting high-levelled monsters.

Prayer has by far the highest cost per experience point to power level among all the free skills. Other free skills can be quite quickly trained for less than 10 coins per experience point, while the fastest prayer method can cost more than 34.15 coins per experience point. In addition, free players do not have access to slightly cheaper pay-to-play methods for power levelling prayer such as gilded altars.


Prayer is relatively straightforward to train: the main source of experience is regular bones which yield 4.5 experience each, worth 266 each if bought on the Grand Exchange. It is advised to bury every bone dropped from kills until you reach your desired level. Although it is slightly slower than training only combat, you save a lot of money in the long run (2,660,000 coins per 45,000 experience) than if you were to buy the bones and bury them.

Here is a list of things that can help raise Prayer slightly more efficiently:

The Restless Ghost

The Restless Ghost is a quest that gives 125 prayer experience and 5 ancient bones which offer 200 experience each. This allows a player to raise prayer from level 1 to 9 upon completion. There are no requirements to begin this quest (although magic resistant armour is useful against the skeleton) and it is strongly recommended for beginning players as it provides a fairly substantial number of experience points for relatively little effort. From the viewpoint of buying bones on the Grand Exchange and burying them for experience, completing this quest is the equivalent of buying 250 bones, or 66,500 at current Grand Exchange prices.

If you completed the quest before the reward update, talk to Father Aereck and he will give you the bones. You can only get these bones once.

The Nexus

The Nexus is a one time Prayer activity located in the Lumbridge Swamp that can provides 37,224 Prayer experience, enough experience to go from level 1 to level 40. The activity can be slow, but the experience is free.

Respawn locations

For players not willing to power level Prayer, here is a list of locations where bones can be found:

This place is considered one of the best places for free-to-play players to train Prayer for free, even better than the Chaos temple as it has four big bones respawns and ten normal bones respawns. However, as it is located in the Wilderness, there is the risk of player killers as well as the level 32 skeletons that will be dangerous to low level players. Bring food and armour if you want to train there indefinitely, but do not bring anything you are not willing to lose.

For the following method to work efficiently, you must have at least level 22 prayer but having level 43 prayer is strongly recommended.

Bring three of your best ranged armour (preferably blue dragonhide coif, blue dragonhide body, and blue dragonhide chaps) and nothing else along. This is to ensure that when a player-killer interrupts your training, you will have time to run away before taking massive damage from any attack types. Make sure that run mode and Rapid Heal are on (best chosen via Quick Prayers) and Auto-Retaliate is off at all times. When you are at the Bone Yard be sure to only pick up big bones. If you are doing this correctly, you should be running in a circle (either clockwise or anti-clockwise) to gather the bones as they respawn.

When you are low on run energy, find a spot where the skeletons cannot attack you (the best spot for this is usually the area largely enclosed by a massive animal skeleton) and rest. When you get 28 big bones, run out of the area and bury them. Unless you have a very high Defence level, your life points should have been scrapped away by the skeletons. Run south to the Chaos Temple and rest there (making sure that Rapid Heal is still on) until you recharge to full health and run energy. Recharge your prayer at the altar and repeat the process. Alternatively, you can bring a twisted bird skull necklace, which recharges 50 prayer points for every bone buried. This enables you to pray indefinitely. Be careful though, as the twisted bird skull necklace is very useful for prayer but costs 8,500 Dungeoneering tokens.

If you encounter a player killer, either:

1) Turn on Protect from Magic/Missiles/Melee if you have at least level 37 to 43+ prayer.

2) Turn on your best Defence Prayer (Thick, Rock, or Steel Skin) if you have under level 43 or 37 prayer.

And run south to Varrock. Go to the altar nearby and turn on Rapid Heal, then recharge your prayer when you have full life points.

When you reach level 43 prayer, do not use Rapid Heal anymore. Continue picking up big bones and bury them whenever you get 28 in total while choosing Protect from Melee as your new Quick Prayer. When you are safe and resting for run energy, turn it off until you're ready to collect big bones again. This method yields 420 experience per run. The time taken depends largely on how well you time your movement between the big bone spawns in order to avoid being attacked by the skeletons. Also, turning the camera while picking up the big bones makes it more efficient because if timed properly, you do not have to physically stop between picking up each big bone until you feel like resting.

With the introduction of Evolution of Combat, a very high Defence level is recommended for using this method since Protection Prayers now only block 50% of damage dealt by monsters. But you can use them with defence prayers for up to 65% protection.

In the Wilderness level 12, the chaos temple has 15 bones and respawn once taken. Players should beware of pkers patrolling the area. Few other players may train there, but an empty world can easily be found. It is one of the best places for low-level free-to-players to train. Four of the bones are more out of the way and take more time to reach, these should be ignored and only the inner 11 bones should be picked up and buried.

  • Demonic Ruins

Deep in the wilderness, there are the Demonic Ruins. In the Demonic Ruins several burnt bones respawn. Beware of greater demons and pkers. The trouble is getting to the ruins. You must avoid getting hit by the greater demons and pkers on the way.

Many players don't bother to pick up or bury the bones they receive after killing monsters in Lumbridge. Bones are often abundant there for players to pick up.

Like in Lumbridge above ground, players tend to leave bones behind, and the best places to collect bones are in the larger rooms filled with monsters.

  • Edgeville Dungeon

Four bones respawn at the Edgeville entrance to the dungeon, and another four bones spawn at the south end of the dungeon where the hill giants reside. Both of these areas have aggressive monsters, although other players are likely to engage the Hill giants in combat in a crowded world.

Low level Al Kharid warriors are often killed by players while training. Bones are often left without being buried or picked up.

  • Lumbridge Cows

New players who need money tend to kill cows for their cowhides to be sold at the Grand Exchange. Normally, there would be swarms of players there during busy days in world 1 who would normally leave tons of bones and meat scattered. If you could luckily enter world 1 during that time of the day, you could pick up all the bones you want and bury them right on the spot. It would also be helpful if your inventory is empty when collecting and burying bones. Also works for training Cooking.

  • Edgeville

Low level players like to kill men in the house just North of the Edgeville bank, however they just leave the bones from the kills on the ground. This is very easy to train on busy worlds.

Training Prayer by killing monsters

Depending on the combat skills of a player, different monsters should be trained on to maximise Prayer to Combat experience ratio. To maintain maximum Prayer XP/hour, monsters should, for the current ability of the player, be weak enough to be killed in one hit if it drops regular bones, and on average three hits if it drops big bones. To train as efficiently as possible, you should bury bones in between attacks to save time. It won't cause a delay on the next attack. Avoid waiting for your inventory to fill up before burying, otherwise you aren't burying at every opportunity. Once an enemy is killed, don't wait for the drops to appear but instead immediately move on to the next. Pick up any nearby bones that have already spawned, which you can also multi-task by doing in between attacks. Rinse and repeat. Picking up and burying every bone while training at 34 experience per kill will give you 43 Prayer by the time you reach 50 in at least three out of Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged and Magic.

Weak NPCs around busy places

  • Requirements
    1. None
  • Advantages
    1. Any fighting methods can be used because they are weak enough to be killed even at low levels.
    2. Even if NPCs are killed by others, they might leave bones around.
  • Disadvantages
    1. Negligible income.
    2. Too weak to raise much combat experience.
    3. Tiring mouse clicks.

Weak NPCs are introductory to prayer training. They may be boring to kill, but their bone drops are good enough for low levels.

Chickens in Chicken Coops

  • Requirements
    1. None
  • Advantages
    1. Any fighting method can be used because they are weak enough to be killed even at low levels.
    2. Many players just kill chickens to get easy experience or to earn feathers. Or commonly-crowded world you even don't need to kill chickens, because there is so many bone piles lying on the ground that you won't manage to earn them all.
    3. You can also earn feathers. After one hour you will get feathers worth around 15,000 gp.
  • Disadvantages
    1. It can get crowded on some free-to-play worlds

Chickens are great for beginners and are very common and close to Lumbridge. There is one chicken coop on the road to Draynor Village and another one on the road to Varrock. A third area is the farm just south of Falador.


  • Requirements
    1. Combat 5+
    2. Iron armour or Bronze armour strongly recommended for new players
  • Advantages
    1. Very common and easy to get at a cow, even when the area is crowded with other players.
    2. Close to Lumbridge and easy to travel to
    3. Drops cowhides and raw beef, providing training for other skills
  • Disadvantages
    1. Sometimes very crowded on some free-to-play worlds with players numbering in the dozens or more.

Training with cattle is perhaps one of the best multi-skill training options available for low-level players, where you can train not only combat but also prayer, crafting (from tanning the cowhides and making leather items) and cooking. Formerly the Gnomecopter area provided a deposit box in the cattle yard north of Lumbridge. This has been replaced by Beefy Bill, who will take your raw beef and cowhides to the bank in exchange for 1 in 9 of each kind. It would be recommended to only give 9 items at a time to Beefy Bill for maximum profit. Bones can no longer be banked in the area, but the value is still there to bury the bones as you kill the cattle. Cowhides and raw beef can be sold for 547 coins (cowhide) and 829 coins (raw beef) respectively, giving a source of early cash for new players. Bringing an axe and tinderbox can be used to cook the raw beef to heal wounds if you are just starting to train combat. There are several trees in and around all of the cattle yards as a source of logs for making fires.

In the cattle yard between the River Lum and Al Kharid on the road to Varrock, there are many more cows and this is a very common low-level free-to-play combat training area. Many players, especially ones trying to do Pure combat training will deliberately leave the bones on the grounds. This can be a free source of bones for an aspiring low level player trying to train prayer and doesn't require any sort of combat at all.

Another cattle yard exists south of Falador that is moderately close to the east bank of Falador and the bank in Draynor Village. Like the cattle yard east of the River Lum, this is also a low-level player training area with many bones left on the ground when busy.

Catacombs (low level monsters)

  • Requirements
    1. Combat level of at least 20
    2. Steel armour if possible to reduce damage taken
    3. Completion of The Blood Pact
  • Advantages
    1. Very fast spawn.
    2. Close to Lumbridge bank.
    3. Drops lots of runes, feathers, threads, fishing bait, low level armour which can be sold to make a small profit
  • Disadvantages
    1. Low levelled players will not be able to train prayer as fast as the high levelled ones since they are not able to one-hit KO the monster most of the times.

Monkeys and snakes near Karamja volcano

  • Requirements
    1. 30 coins
  • Advantages
    1. Very uncrowded.
    2. Monkeys drop monkey bones with slightly more prayer experience.
    3. Easy to kill.
  • Disadvantages
    1. Respawn very slow.

An alternative to mainland NPCs is Karamja inhabitants. They have slightly more life points and more experience to give, but convenience is sacrificed.

Dark wizards around stone circle

  • Requirements
    1. None
  • Advantages
    1. Similar to the weak NPCs, bones are often left on floor.
    2. Doesn't need expensive armour to fight.
    3. Good supply of runes.
    4. Close to Varrock west bank.
  • Disadvantages
    1. Often crowded.

Dark wizards can be killed, as they no longer are aggressive towards the player. Bones on the ground can be also be picked up and buried. It would be recommended to wear range armour such as hardleather body or green dragonhide armour, as that gives players reasonable protection against the magic that these creatures cast. See also Combat triangle for further information about this concept, noting that these are magic using creatures. Metal armour is actually more harmful than no armour at all.

Skeletons, zombies, minotaurs

  • Requirements
    1. Combat 51
  • Advantages
    1. Fair drops
    2. Low defence and life point
    3. Not very crowded
  • Disadvantages
    1. Far from bank
    2. Drops not stackable and excessive

Skeletons and zombies can be killed in several dungeons, and minotaurs can be killed in the Stronghold of Security. Because minotaurs are popular with rangers, and as they are weak, bones can be found on the ground quite often in busy worlds. Aside from their rather common bronze and iron arrow drops, they mainly drop non-stackable bronze items, which should not be picked up.

Monks At Edgeville Monastery

  • Requirements
    1. Ability to kill a Level 29 monk (about 35+ Combat level recommended)
  • Advantages
    1. Always drop Bones
    2. If you talk to a monk, they will heal you
    3. Once you get to level 31 Prayer, you can go to the upper floor of the Edgeville Monastery and recharge your prayer at the alter

The Edgeville Monastery is located northwest of Gunnarsgrunn (also known as the Barbarian Village), west of Edgeville. There is also a handy musician located south of the Edgeville Monastery.

Hill giants

  • Requirements
    1. Combat 100+ (110 for easier killing)
    2. Recommended: Brass Key (to quickly access the dungeon)
    3. Recommended: Level 50 magic gear
    4. Recommended: 20 Dungeoneering (to enter the resource dungeon)
  • Advantages
    1. Good drops
    2. Big bones
    3. Respawn of bones on floor
    4. Close to Grand Exchange
    5. Many safe spots.
    6. Not very crowded (resource dungeon)-As of April '12, many bots wearing rune chainmail can be found in this dungeon, making it extremely crowded; Many bots don't pick up the bones, making training prayer faster. (bots have decreased significantly)
  • Disadvantages
    1. It is very crowded in Edgeville dungeon.
    2. They can hit relatively high and often depending on your defence, meaning food will be needed for the lower levels.
    3. They have high life points

Hill giants in Edgeville dungeon drop big bones, and two bone respawns are available there. Hill giants drop limpwurt roots which sell for 5,190 coins each. A brass key can be obtained by entering the dungeon from the Edgeville entrance. Hill giants are very popular training monsters, and as such, finding a hill giant to fight can be quite difficult. Another place is east of the Boneyard, several giants inhabit the place, and it is not very crowded.

Near the hill giants in Edgeville dungeon is a resource dungeon that requires a Dungeoneering level of 20 to enter. There are four limpwurt root spawns in the dungeon and eleven hill giants. It is not as crowded as the Edgeville dungeon.

It is recommended to fight hill giants in crowded areas with Magic or Ranged. This means a player can hit before a person meleeing, and a further advantage is that there are many safe spots.

Moss giants

  • Requirements
    1. Combat 120+ (130+ for easier killing)
    2. Recommended: partial completion of the Dragon Slayer quest (to quickly access Crandor)
    3. Recommended: Melee or Range
    4. Recommended: for melee: Maximise Crush defence and Stab attack
    5. Recommended: for range: Maximise Range attack
    6. Optional: Explorer's ring 3 or Explorer's ring 4 for fast bank deposit in Port Sarim
    7. Optional: Staff of fire and a stack of Nature runes
    8. Optional: Rune Pickaxe
  • Advantages
    1. Good drops
    2. Big bones
    3. Many safe spots.
    4. Not very crowded (resource dungeon)
    5. Mine Adamantite ore and Coal
    6. Much less crowded spot than Hill giants (see above)
    7. Much easier spot than Ice giants (see below)
  • Disadvantages
    1. If it gets crowded, there can be fierce competition
    2. They can hit relatively high and often, meaning food will be needed for the lower levels
    3. Aggressive, but they stop after 10 minutes or if player is over Combat level 103

The moss giants of the Isle of Crandor can be a bit of a challenge to reach the first time. The Dragon Slayer quest must be completed up to the point where you are standing outside Elvarg's Lair. You do not need to fight Elvarg, but merely need to run south (past the giant skeletons and lesser demons) and unlock the shortcut to the isle of Karamja. After this point, you can freely pass in either direction. There are no safe spots for rangers, since they attack with range.

With a staff of fire and nature runes you may cast High Alchemy on junk items for some profit or Superheat Adamant bars. It is a place to train mining, melee or range, and prayer at the same time.

Grab some free tunas on the way up to cook your own food.

Ice giants

  • Requirements
    1. Combat 90+
  • Advantages
    1. Good drops
    2. Big bones
    3. Relatively uncrowded, especially compared to the Hill Giant and Moss Giant areas
  • Disadvantages
    1. High combat level
    2. Distant from bank
    3. Has aggressive Ice warriors (level 57) nearby, which may prevent you from attacking the giants often

The ice giants of the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon can be a bit of a challenge for unprepared players, but can provide fair prayer training with excellent combat training simultaneously. The black kiteshield is perhaps the best drop that a player can hang onto for resale, where about 1 in 50 drops contains this shield. Several mithril items are dropped, which can be low-alched/high-alched with the Explorer's ring if you have completed the Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks. There are also drops of several member-crafted runes such as nature runes and law runes, and large numbers of mind runes (20+ on a drop). Ice giants are accompanied by ice warriors, who unfortunately don't drop any bones when killed and can be considered annoying for players training Prayer. If you have a high enough defence and can remain in the Ice Giant area for longer than about 4–5 minutes, the Ice warriors stop being aggressive and you can ignore them to concentrate on the Ice Giants. Seeing very high combat level (150+) free-to-play players and former members training in this area is quite common. Several spots to hide behind ice columns exist to also train ranging or magic are in this dungeon as well, and can be used against the ice giants.

Ice giants can also be found at the Frozen Waste Plateau in the high level Wilderness. In addition to the problems of fighting ice giants, you also have to deal with ice spiders and PKers if you stay there for any prolonged period of time thus risking loss of items. If you decide to train here anyways, keep whatever you are not willing to lose in the bank. You can store and replenish supplies with the nearest bank services provided by Darren west of the Lava Maze (if training south of the fence) and Gundai in the mages' cave outside the Mage Arena (if training north of the fence). Nonetheless, due to the risks involved and the distance away from safety, it is generally not considered a good training area.

Green Dragons

  • Requirements
    1. Anti-dragon shield
    2. combat 63+
  • Advantages
    1. Drops Green dragonhide
    2. high prayer experience
    3. Rarely crowded
  • Disadvantages
    1. level 63 dragons
    2. located in the wilderness

Green Dragon bones grant high experience (72 xp per bone) and should only be fought by higher levelled players. This is a good spot to train as there are three dragons and they respawn quickly. Due to it being in level 12 of the Wilderness one may easily teleport out if they encounter a PKer. They are located northwest of the Black Knights' Fortress. Food should be brought even if one uses Regenerate (granted their Constitution level is high enough). There are no safe spots for rangers as the dragons can attack with melee or magic. Dragons attack only with melee when the player is adjacent to the dragon otherwise the dragon will attack with magic. Green Dragons are non-aggressive. Picking up the green dragonhide left behind is also very profitable and players maybe there to pick up green dragonhide.


Easier methods to obtain experience lamps, even as a non-member, include completing the entire Lumbridge Tasks, where for each of the four parts players complete they will be rewarded with lamps granting them increasingly higher amounts of experience for any chosen skill(s). Considering that Prayer is one of the hardest skills to train in free-to-play, many players only select prayer as the skill to improve when they receive these lamps as the Prayer skill is costly to train if you wish to buy your bones instead of simply killing monsters and burying their bones.

With the introduction of Treasure Hunter, non-members can now win small and medium prismatic lamps. These lamps may be consumed by any player, regardless of being a member or not. Small prismatic lamps are common prizes, whilst medium ones are only uncommon.

With the removal of Random Events, Genie lamps are no longer available, therefore one-time lamp rewards and Small XP lamps are the only lamps available to free-to-play players.

You can get Prayer experience rewards or Lamp experience rewards from the following free-to-play quests:

You can also get reward books after completion of the Combat Academy at Lumbridge. There are 21 Reward books to win, and they all give a large amount of experience. You can get a maximum of 3 per lesson, and you can get all 3 if you manage to get the 'Legend' rank. You must get the Legend rank in all 7 lessons to get the maximum 21 reward books.

The Lumbridge/Draynor tasks give four one-time lamp rewards giving 500 experience, 1,000 experience, 1,500 experience and 9,000 experience for the Beginner, Easy, Medium and Hard tasks, respectively. That is a total of 12,000 experience, however the Hard tasks (9,000 experience) requires 45 Prayer to finish.


Dungeoneering provides a new method of training Prayer, though needing to train other skills as well. This is best done by killing most monsters in the dungeon, who will give varying types of bones: regular bones, bat bones, big bones, dragon bones or even frost dragon bones if you are lucky. Players are advised to open the dark spirit doors and turn experience share on, since it will lead to stable experience. Lastly, the mastyx should be all killed, as they give big bones, and these big bones can now be used on altars (a bug that prevented this was present when altars were added to dungeons, but this has been fixed). Big bones, along with all other types of bones can be used on the altars, granting 4 times the normal experience.

This may be especially worthwhile with big bones and dragon bones. To free up your inventory space, you can place bones on the table in the Smuggler's room without fear of them disappearing. However, if you drop bones on the floor, they will disappear after a while.

A list of free-to-play monsters which do not drop bones:

All floors
Frozen floors
Abandoned floors
Furnished floors
  • Dungeon spider

Power levelling by purchasing bones and/or ashes

There are only a few ways to power level Prayer: burying bones, big bones or dragon bones, scattering impious ashes or accursed ashes and combining the burying and scatter of the bone type with the ash type.

See below for an idea of which type of bone or ash is the cheapest. It is possible to bury one bone and one ash every game tick or 0.6 seconds. At 14 bones and 14 ashes per inventory and about 1.2 seconds for banking, one inventory will take 9 seconds, for about 5,600 bones and 5,600 ashes per hour. To approach this theoretical limit, one should find a server with minimal lag, use a bank Preset, and place the bones and ashes on the Action bar and keep clicking the two keybinds.

If you prefer to hold the keybinds instead of clicking, it will take 1 more tick per inventory which results in 5,250 bones and 5,250 ashes per hour which is 6.25% slower.

Prices change and sometimes a different method may be at a cheaper experience/cost ratio. Time wise, the big bones combined with accurshed ashes is the fastest.


Item XP/Hour Items for 1-99 Cost per item Total for 1-99 GP/XP
Dragon bones
Accursed ashes
Dragon bones
Accursed ashes
473,200 154,254 2,136
-445,177,044 34.15
Dragon bones
Impious ashes
Dragon bones
Impious ashes
425,600 171,506 2,136
-999,536,968 76.68
Dragon bones Dragon bones 403,200 181,033 2,136 -386,686,488 29.67
Baby dragon bones
Accursed ashes
Baby dragon bones
Accursed ashes
238,000 306,692 1,589
-717,352,588 55.04
Baby dragon bones
Impious ashes
Baby dragon bones
Impious ashes
190,400 383,366 1,589
-2,024,555,846 155.32
Baby dragon bones Baby dragon bones 168,000 434,482 1,589 -690,391,898 52.97
Big bones
Accursed ashes
Big bones
Accursed ashes
154,000 473,980 203
-451,702,940 34.65
Big bones
Impious ashes
Big bones
Impious ashes
106,400 686,023 203
-2,672,059,585 205
Accursed ashes
Accursed ashes
95,200 766,732 266
-778,999,712 59.76
Big bones Big bones 84,000 868,963 203 -176,399,489 13.53
Accursed ashes Accursed ashes 70,000 1,042,755 750 -782,066,250 60
Impious ashes
Impious ashes
47,600 1,533,463 266
-6,069,446,554 465.65
Bones Bones 25,000 2,896,541 266 -770,479,906 59.11
Impious ashes Impious ashes 22,400 3,258,608 3,692 -12,030,780,736 923


Cremation is a prayer ability that was released in the 2014 Hallowe'en event. It allows one to burn bones on a fire. Doing so uses the bone and gives prayer experience equal to 2.5 times the base experience and Firemaking experience. Each bone takes three game ticks or 2.4 seconds to cremate. At 28 bones per inventory and about 1.2 seconds for banking after the last experience from the last bone is received, one inventory will take 66.6 seconds, for about 1,513 bones per hour. One cannot cremate ashes. Players can still obtain the cremation ability as a rare drop from ghost-like monsters. The cost to power level using cremation will be about 40% of the above numbers.

Each bone takes 1.8 seconds to burn with perfect clicking which takes 51 seconds per inventory including banking, results in burning 1,976 bones per hour which is 30.6% faster.


Item XP/Hour Items for 1-99 Cost per item Total for 1-99 GP/XP
Dragon bones Dragon bones 272,340 72,414 2,136 -154,676,304 11.87
Baby dragon bones Baby dragon bones 113,513.514 173,793 1,589 -276,157,077 21.19
Big bones Big bones 56,756.76 347,585 203 -70,559,755 5.41
Bones Bones 17,027.03 1,158,617 266 -308,192,122 23.64

Scattering Ashes

Scattering ashes for Prayer experience was introduced into the game on the 15th of February, 2011.

Demonic creatures such as lesser demons and imps will drop ashes which can be scattered for Prayer Experience. These will be impious ashes (from imps and fiends) and accursed ashes (lesser and greater demons). Scattering impious ashes will yield 4 Prayer experience and Accursed ashes will give 12.5 experience.

The introduction of scattering ashes also introduced impious and accursed urns. These urns will automatically collect ashes as they are dropped from monsters, saving inventory space and giving extra Prayer experience when they are teleported. However, the urns will only fill when the monster is killed and the urn is in the inventory; players cannot use traded ashes to fill them. Having a high combat level means that a player can obtain ashes more quickly.

Bonus Experience

One method of training prayer that is easy to overlook is bonus experience from fallen stars. Normally, free players cannot use bonus experience, but recently, they have been able to during Bonus XP Weekends, along with a 20% boost. The combined boost gives players 2.2 times the normal experience for various actions. These include burying bones and scattering ashes, but not cremation or lamps. The mechanics of Bonus XP Weekends are subject to change.

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