This article is about the emote. For the Ancient Magicks spells with a freezing effect, see Ice spells.
Freeze emote icon
Release date 16 December 2008 (Update)
Members No
Sound Yes
Enhancer No
Duration 3.8 seconds
Requirements Completion of a Christmas event

The Freeze emote was released during the 2008 Christmas event and given out during the 2009 Christmas event. During the 2008 Christmas event, Jack Frost casts an attack similar to a Water Bolt that forced players to use the Freeze emote, unlocking the emote to use at their will. It was released again when talking to Santa Claus after he gets out of his cage during the 2009 Christmas event. If it follows the tradition of all other holiday event emotes, players can unlock it by completing the upcoming Christmas events. If you haven't already, you also unlock the Snowman Dance emote in conjunction with the Freeze emote.

Audio options icon
Freeze emote sound effect


  • The emote has been known to glitch on occasion, usually through another animation clashing with it. These include standing still as the ice performs the animation, or doing the animation without the ice appearing.
  • The emote was originally called "Freeze", changed to "Freeze and Melt", and then changed back to "Freeze".
  • Originally players were able to press the emote and equip or unequip items while the emote was being executed so that their appearance would be completely different before and after. This has since been updated so that players cannot do any other action while the emote is taking place.
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