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Skaldrun, the storyteller of the Fremennik Sagas

The Fremennik Sagas are a combination of Questing and Dungeoneering, where sagas told by Skaldrun play the main role. All sagas except Three's Company are members-only.

To take part in the sagas, Skaldrun must first be unfrozen. He appears randomly on the frozen floors (floors 1-11) during a game of Dungeoneering (complexity 2 or higher only). He must be unfrozen with a tinderbox and logs, or a fire-based spell. After he has been found and freed, he can be found on the surface of Daemonheim near Thok.

To be able to play any one of the five sagas, players must then find an item while Dungeoneering that jolts Skaldrun's memory about that specific saga. These items cannot be found until after Skaldrun has been found and freed. Each of the five items has a specific range of floors that they can spawn on (listed in each saga's section below). All five items can be found on floors of any complexity.

You play either the unabridged or the abridged version of the saga. The abridged version requires only the Dungeoneering level necessary to find the memory-jogging item, but if you have the required additional levels, you play the unabridged version which has secondary objectives. 100% completing the unabridged version gives two XP tomes, an abridged tome and an unabridged tome, giving experience in Dungeoneering and tokens, and a choice of the other skills respectively. Completing the abridged version or failing to 100% complete the unabridged version gives the abridged tome only. You can replay sagas, however the abridged and unabridged rewards can only be earned once. After earning the abridged and unabridged rewards you can replay sagas for dungeoneering tokens. Each saga has a set amount of tokens earned on replay, however every replay reduces the amount of tokens earned by 20% until after repeating your 4th saga. At that point you earn only 20% of the possible tokens. This reduction of tokens resets everyday at 12:00 AM GMT.

Players can't start sagas when they are in a Dungeoneering party. Skaldrun would say "You appear to be waiting to enter Daemonheim currently to craft your own stories. Come back once you're done." Players can't start sagas either if they are under the effect of Overload.

If you log out in the middle of a saga, you can restart it from the last saved position (the last key door unlocked).

Unfreezing Skaldrun

In order to begin, the player must first unfreeze Skaldrun. This is done by Dungeoneering on the Frozen floors (1-11) in Daemonheim, with Complexity 2 or higher activated. Skaldrun appears randomly in a room, frozen in ice. Kill all the monsters in the room so that the discussion with Skaldrun cannot be interrupted. Light any type of fire adjacent to the ice or cast a fire spell on the ice. Talk to him. Choose each option. Once done, tell him to "Leave" and he teleports to the surface.

It does not matter if some or all of the other members of a dungeoneering team have already released Skaldrun - they do not see Skaldrun or the memory fragments.

Finding the memory fragments

Bear pelt (saga)

Smelly and worn. Skaldrun might want to look at this.

Three's Company map

The dungeon map for the Three's Company saga.

The memories can be unlocked in any order, but the fragment required to start the lowest level saga is a bear pelt - it appears randomly on one of the frozen floors, but many players find it in the same room where Skaldrun was frozen, at the same time. The bear pelt is white and shiny, and catches players' eyes upon entering the right room. None of the memory fragments appear as a red dot on the minimap. Touch the bear pelt and it disappears. After touching the bear pelt, the player receives a message in the chatbox stating to start the memory the player must talk to Skaldrun.

Unlike unfreezing Skaldrun, it is possible to find all fragments on complexity level 1 dungeons.

The fragments are relatively common and shouldn't be too difficult to find. If you find yourself completing several floors without spotting any memory fragment, talk to Skaldrun and go through all of his chat options. It may be that you already found a fragment and have not turned it in yet. 

At 99 Dungeoneering you are freely given any memory fragments you are missing. 

Starting and restarting a saga

No items (not even the Ring of kinship) can be taken into the saga. Find Skaldrun located west of Thok, Master of Dungeoneering, and talk to him to select an unlocked saga. When you start a saga, there is no Daemonheim Smuggler to aid you.

If you quit a saga or log out, you reappear next to Skaldrun.

When you start the saga again, you can choose to start from the last saved checkpoint or from the beginning. The save checkpoint is the last of unlocking of a door requiring a key to open. Rooms that were completed but not part of the story-line to the last (key-unlocked) door are lost. The heroes are returned to full health and the food available at the beginning of the saga is respawned (this is useful if you were running out of food and health).

Unabridged sagas

If you have the appropriate levels, you play the unabridged version. There are side objectives which are tasks that need to be completed that are not part of the main plot. You are given some hints about these objectives, but you are not told what they are or even how many there are. The locations needed for the side objectives (obelisks, etc) are not shown on the mini-map, although items are shown as red dots. It is possible to find yourself in a situation where an objective cannot be completed (e.g. if a particular item of food is needed, and it has already been consumed).

If you fail to complete all the side objectives before you finish the saga, you only receive the abridged tome and you have to replay the saga from the beginning again to obtain the unabridged tome. Unless you are following a walkthrough, you should expect to play each saga at least twice, the first time simply to discover how many side objectives there are!

List of sagas

Three's Company

Main article: Three's Company
Bear pelt (saga)
Carn chathead

Three's Company is the first saga that can be played. It involves controlling the Signature Heroes Ariane, Sir Owen and Ozan, in order to catch the notorious bandit Carn. It can be started after finding a bearskin on one of the frozen floors (Floors 1-11). It is the only free-to-play saga.


Main article: Vengeance (saga)
Collection of swords
Taevas spirit chathead

Four adventurers journey to Daemonheim and leave all but one dead. The survivor is in the mood for vengeance. It can be started after finding a Collection of Swords on one of the first abandoned floors (Floors 12-17). It is only available to members.


Main article: Nadir
Moia masked chathead
Damaged device
Announced in the same post as the second Thok saga, this one follows Moia as she disguises herself as dungeon inhabitants in order to find "Bill" and discover the secrets of Daemonheim.

It is started by finding a damaged device on floors 18-22. Upon finding the item, you get the following System message: "The device appears to be badly damaged, but you seem to sense some slight activity within as it vanishes in your hand and becomes little more than a memory. Skaldrun may be able to tell you more about its origin."

  • Memory fragment - Damaged device
  • Floors - 18-22
  • Requirements (abridged) - 30 Dungeoneering
  • Requirements (unabridged) - 55 Dungeoneering, 45 Thieving, 60 Attack
  • Rewards (abridged) - 375 Dungeoneering tokens, 3,750 Dungeoeneering experience
  • Rewards (unabridged) - 2,167 Dungeoeneering tokens, 21,670 Dungeoneering experience, 11,660 Thieving experience or 37,080 Attack experience
  • On replay: - Up to 674 Dungeoneering tokens.

Thok It To 'Em

Main article: Thok It To 'Em
Scribbled Notes
Thok of Daemonheim chathead

Thok tells a tall tale about killing beasts in novel ways. It can only be started after finding scribbled notes on one of the second abandoned floors (Floors 30 - 35). It is only available to members.

Thok Your Block Off

Main article: Thok Your Block Off
Unholy cursebearer chathead
Rock and twine bundle

This saga yet again features Thok trying to beat Marmaros in a battle of brawn, with the winner being the one with the higher killcount. To start the Saga, you must find a Rock and Twine Bundle on the Occult Floors (36-40) of Daemonheim.

Upon finding the Rock and Twine Bundle, you receive the following system message: "The strange object, seemingly a bundle of rock and twine, both confuses and astounds you with its majesty before it fades and becomes little more than a memory. Skaldrun may be able to make some sense of this."

Thok also does not have access to his sword. In addition to Dungeoneering xp, there is also Strength xp as a reward. It is a member's only Saga and you need 71 dungeoneering (to reach floor 36) and 75 Strength. The guide states 65 Dungeoneering as a requirement but you cannot access the floors required.

  • Memory fragment - Rock and twine bundle
  • Floors - 36-40
  • Requirements (abridged) - Completion of Thok It To 'Em, 71 Dungeoneering
  • Requirements (unabridged) - 75 Strength
  • Rewards (abridged) - 5,300 Dungeoneering tokens, 53,000 Dungeoneering experience
  • Rewards (unabridged) - 105,010 Strength experience
  • On replay: - Up to 1637 Dungeoneering tokens.



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