Total level: 611
Attack ---- Constitution ---- Mining 30
Strength 35 Agility 35 Smithing ----
Defence 40 Herblore ---- Fishing 55
Ranged 40 Thieving 40 Cooking 48
Prayer ---- Crafting 52 Firemaking 52
Magic 65 Fletching ---- Woodcutting 54
Runecrafting ---- Slayer 10 Farming ----
Construction ---- Hunter 55 Summoning ----
Dungeoneering ---- Divination ---- Invention ----
Attack style icon fixed.png 52 Quest.png ---- Music icon fixed.png ----
Task icon fixed.png ---- RuneScore.png -----

The Fremennik Province Diary is the part of the Achievement Diary relating to the Fremennik Province and its surrounding area, and was added on 09 December 2008.

Start by speaking to Council Workman on the bridge between the Seers Village and Rellekka, Yrsa in Rellekka or Advisor Ghrim on the Miscellania See the green star icon File:Achievmentdiary.PNG on the minimap.

To complete the entire Fremennik Province Diary, you will need the stats shown to the right, as well as various Quest requirements shown below.

Skill boosts

If skill level is not high enough to complete a certain task, temporary boosts may be available to raise it to allow completion. See skills for more information.

Easy Tasks

Task Quest/s needed Other requirements Notes
Kill a cave crawler in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon None 10 Slayer Bring an Anti-poison potion for safety.
Kill five rock crabs on the shore near Rellekka or on Waterbirth Island None None
Find the highest tree on the Fremennik mainland None None Find the windswept tree north east of the Keldagrim entrance, next to the DKS fairy ring
View the rewards in the Barbarian Assault tutorial None None Use Games necklace to get there fast. You cannot have any runes or arrows or you will not be able to view the tutorial.
Speak to Otto Godblessed about barbarian training None None
Collect three seaweed from the shore north-east of Rellekka None None Can drop and pick up 3 times
Find the Hunting Expert on the northern ice plains None None To the right of Olaf Hradson,(he is west of Ring DKS) you will see a path leading Northwards. Take this path until you see a big ice platform with stairs. Go up the stairs and to your upper-left hand corner he will be there.
Catch a fish off one of Rellekka's piers None None You can use Barbarian training fishing as well (Lobster does not count) Don't forget a big fishing net or a harpoon if you don't have Barbarian training fishing!
Recharge your Summoning points near Rellekka's gate None See tips You must not have full summoning points.
Kill an adult black unicorn None Stats to kill a combat 27 unicorn Cannot be a foal/Child unicorn.

Easy Task Tips

  • If you have level 1 Summoning, go to any monster that can lower statistics (e.g. King Black Dragon, Disease-causing monsters, etc.), and wait until it lowers your summoning level (randomly). You can then restore your summoning points at the obelisk.
  • For doing some of the tasks the fairy ring transport is very useful as it leaves you near some of the tasks. Fairy Ring code AJR is near the slayer cave, and code DKS is near the northern shore of Relleka, on the slope of the snowy mountains.
  • Take all necessary materials/armour and teleportation runes beforehand so you don't have to go far to a bank.
  • If you are struggling to find the 'highest tree' then go up the snowy mountain near the fairy ring and walk to the tree.
  • For the seaweed, rock crabs, black unicorn and cave crawler tasks, go to the area north of the slayer cave. Collect the seaweed then kill the crabs. On your way to the slayer caves kill the black unicorn, then go inside the cave and kill the crawler (WARNING: these are highly poisonous!).
  • If you have the required fishing level to catch fish without a harpoon, you will also complete a Hard task, thereby shortening your tasks.


Talk to the Council workman on the bridge between the Seers village and Rellekka to claim your reward.

The Reward is a Pair of Fremennik Sea Boots 1 and an antique lamp which gives 5,000 experience in any skill over 30.

The Fremennik Sea Boots 1 allow you to:

  • Deposit things into the bank by talking to Peer the Seer.
  • They also allow you to contact the Fossegrimen from afar allowing you to make a sacrifice and enchant your lyre.
  • The Fossegrimen will give your lyre extra enchantments when you make her an offering in person.

Medium Tasks

Task Quests needed Other requirements Notes
Learn of the history of the Fremennik and the Outerlanders from Chieftain Brundt The Fremennik Trials None
Watch a shouting match between Fremennik Isles tower guards (the guards can be found between Jatizso and Neitiznot in one of the towers) The Fremennik Isles None Take the boat from the north-east Rellekka pier
Interact with a Pet rock The Fremennik Trials None If you've dropped your Pet rock it can be re obtained from Askeladden in front of the longhall's entrance.
Make three vials in the furnace building at Rellekka The Fremennik Trials 33 Crafting Bring 3 molten glass and a glassblowing pipe
Charm the Fossegrimen into accepting a raw bass The Fremennik Trials
Garden of Tranquillity
Ring of Charos (a) Sacrifice a raw bass while having your lyre in your inventory and having Ring of Charos (a) equipped, this must be done in person.
Wear yak-hide armour and kill an ice troll The Fremennik Isles 20 Defence Take the boat from the north-east Relleka pier. Ice Troll Runts CAN be killed for task completion.
Make cheese in the dairy churn in Rellekka The Fremennik Trials 48 Cooking Bring a bucket of milk. A dairy cow can be found north of the churn. (Bring a bucket!). There is also a bucket of milk spawn just north of the churn.
Use a fairy ring to appear on a mountaintop, near the windswept tree A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen (does not require completion) None Fairy ring D-K-S
Look at Yrsa’s options for recolouring your boots in her clothes shop in Rellekka The Fremennik Trials None Bring 500 coins
Successfully hunt a sabre-toothed kyatt None 55 Hunter Bring a Teasing stick, woodcutting axe, and a knife.
Steal a fish from the fishing stall in the Rellekka marketplace The Fremennik Trials 42 Thieving

Medium Task Tips

  • Use protect from melee to kill the troll. You can kill an ice troll runt - the guards can do most of the damage, as long as you do at least one hit point of damage to the troll, it will count.
  • It´s possible to do the medium task at lvl 50 hunting using both the mud and saltwater bath from As a First Resort... (Spa) in combination with a house teleport and a house in Relleka.

Medium Task Rewards

Talk to Yrsa in the clothing shop in Rellekka to claim your reward.

You will get an Antique lamp which will grant you 10,000 experience in a skill.

Additionally your Fremennik Sea Boots will be enchanted and will be called Fremennik Sea Boots 2.

  • Shortcut jump between the piers of Miscellenia and Etceteria while wearing the boots.
  • Ability to remotely charge the lyre by operating the boots. All lyre charges must be used up before it will allow a charge to the lyre. A shark in your inventory is also required. It will only give 1 charge. If more charges are desired, an in-person visit to make the offering will be needed to get more then 1 charge at a time.
  • Increases your approval rating faster than normal at Miscellenia/Etceteria.
  • Once per day they can be used to teleport with the lyre without spending a charge. You need to be carrying your lyre to be able to use this free teleport.

Hard Tasks

Task Quest/s needed Other requirements Notes
Kill three dagannoths in the first layer of the Waterbirth Island Dungeon The Fremennik Trials High combat skills recommended Take the boat from the west pier in Rellekka
Wear rockshell, spined or skeletal armour and have the locals use an honorific with your Fremennik name The Fremennik Trials 40 Defence and optionally 40 Magic or 40 Range depending on armour type The core three components of the full set (helm, body, legs) are needed in order to complete this task.
Complete the Barbarian Outpost Agility Course None 35 Agility, and have completed the bar crawl miniquest. Use a Games necklace to get there fast
Mine pure essence on Lunar Isle Lunar Diplomacy 30 Mining Bring a Pickaxe, Don't forget your Seal of Passage.
Make a barbarian pyre ship from arctic pine None 52 Crafting, 52 Firemaking, and 54 Woodcutting (for obtaining log) Requires chewed bones or mangled bones, use pyre area west of whirlpool bridge
Catch a tuna without a harpoon None Complete the bare-handed section of the Barbarian Training, 35 Strength, and 55 Fishing There are plenty of tuna catching spots on the docks around the Fremennik Province.
Bake a pie using Magic Lunar Diplomacy 65 Magic, be on the Lunar spellbook, and have an uncooked pie in inventory. The runes required for the spell are as follows: 1Astral5Fire4Water
Kill a Mithril dragon None Complete the firemaking section of the Barbarian Training. High combat skills strongly recommended.
Get mahogany from your Etceterian subjects Royal Trouble Sufficient coins in the royal coffers combined with sufficiently high approval rating for a minimum time duration of one day. 37,500 coins for one day with 100% approval should yield 1 mahogany log.

Hard Task Tips

It might be easier and cheaper to buy raw materials needed for the armour (Skeletal armour, Spined armour or Rockshell armour) and then have them made by Peer the Seer.

It is not required to kill the spirit that emerges from the pyre.

Chewed or mangled bones are needed to make the funeral pyre. Mangled bones are dropped by the Confused Barbarian. He is located in an alcove in the ancient cavern near the brutal green dragons. Be careful when making the pyre with these bones as a high level (166) angry spirit will attack.

Hard Task Rewards

The Fremennik Sea Boots 2 will be enchanted and will become Fremennik Sea Boots 3. In addition to the Easy and Medium rewards, the new boots allow for the following:

  • The ability to change the lyre teleport destination to Waterbirth Island.
  • The ability to remotely charge the lyre by operating the boots. All lyre charges must be used up before it will allow a charge to the lyre. A shark in your inventory is also required. It will only give 1 charge. If more charges are desired, an in person visit to make the offering will be needed to get more then 1 charge at a time.
  • The ability to sell flatpack furniture to Advisor Ghrim, and he will automatically put the money into the coffers used to gather resources. Advisor Grim does not accept noted flatpack furniture at the moment. For 1 Carved oak table flatpack Ghrim will only put Lua error in Module:Exchange at line 74: package.lua:80: module 'Module:Exchange/Carved oak table' not found. coins into the coffers (the current Grand Exchange rate). For 1 oak bench flatpack Ghrim will only put 116gp despite the GE price being 640gp!
  • A skill lamp giving 15,000 experience in any skill over 50 will also be received.


  • On the day the diary came out the spoilers read: Spoilers are as evil as dagger-mouths, so we locked them up till tomorrow. Maybe they'll be more respectful then.
  • Behind the scenes - December stated that rewards might include "a potential 20k experience reward lamp" while the lamp which gives the most experience gives 15,000 experience. Altogether, the three lamps total 30,000 experience.
  • Players were initially able to make 6 million an hour by making Magical cape racks (or Marble magic wardrobes on a lesser scale) flatpacks and selling them to Advisor Ghrim at medium Grand Exchange price, before Jagex drastically lowered the prices for these two items without warning on the 12th of December. This caused many players to lose a large amount of cash due to having the Flatpacks or Magic stones at the time Ghrim was updated. On December 17th Jagex released a post in the Recent Updates forum telling players that Advisor Ghrim had been updated for 1 week and he would be exchanging the flatpacks for money in the coffers for most (but not all) of the grand exchange cost of their components.


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