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Fremennik armour includes several types of members only armours made from the raw materials dropped by monsters in the Fremennik Province. There are several types of armour for different combat classes:

The first three sets are all tier 50 Power armour. All of the armours except Yak-hide armour can be obtained bringing specific raw materials and a certain number of normal Dagannoth hides with a specific non-player character in Rellekka. Although these raw materials have no requirements to be gathered, having these armours made requires the completion of the The Fremennik Trials quest.

The Yak armour becomes available after starting The Fremennik Isles quest. The body and legs can be made by bringing yak hides obtained by killing yaks on Neitiznot to Thakkrad Sigmundson, an assistant to Mawnis Burowgar on Neitiznot. It will cost 5gp per hide you wish to cure and you will need a needle and thread to make it into Yak-hide armour. Making the Fremennik roundshield requires a hammer, a bronze nail, a rope, and two arctic pine logs. To make it, bring the materials to the centre of Neitiznot and use the logs on the woodcutting stump.

A helm requires one hide and 5,000 coins, leg armour requires two hides and 7,500 coins and body armour requires three hides and 10,000 coins. Gloves and boots are dropped as gloves and boots and do not need to be made by an NPC.

Fremennik armour also includes Fremennik rings, which are dropped by the Dagannoth Kings:

Other Fremennik armour includes: