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Fremennik Banker chathead.png

The Fremennik banker is a banker that stands outside the Daemonheim castle. He is usually used by players to bank their items before entering the Daemonheim castle to train the Dungeoneering skill, because entering the castle requires that the player has no objects in their inventory and no armour (unless these items are bound to them, see Dungeoneering). Players may also choose to deposit their items in the Al Kharid bank, which is very close to the ferry that transports players to Daemonheim.


  • The symbol of Seren, the elven goddess, is on his bankcrate.
  • His head in the chat interface looks similar to Thok's.
  • All other NPCs on Daemonheim have the chat option of "What is this place?" They then explain what Daemonheim is. The banker has the same chat option, but instead of describing Daemonheim, he says the standard banker's answer to the question, which they also have in their chat options.