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Frog Princess chathead
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|image = Frog Prince |release = 1 August 2005 |update = Waterbirth Island |race = Human |members = No |quest = No |location = Enchanted valley |shop = No |gender = Male |examine = What a handsome man! |map=no }}

Frog prince chathead

The Frog Prince is a frog that is transformed into a human, after the player kisses him to break the spell, during the Kiss the frog random event. If the player is a male, however, the frog turns into a Frog Princess instead.

According to the Prince, he had been transformed into a frog by a wizard, who has an obsession with frogs.

He can be found at the Enchanted Valley, along with the Frog Princess, since Random events have been taken out of the game.

He is involved in The Frog Prince v. The People court case, where he is accused of fabricating his curse in order to scam a kiss from Flora, and possibly other women. During the court case, he is confirmed to be royalty from another plane of existence, but the truth of his supposed curse remains unclear.

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