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A Fruit blast is a Gnome cocktail which heals 80 life points. Players can make it at 6 Cooking, which grants 50 Cooking experience. It requires a Pineapple, a Lemon, Lemon slices, an Orange, a Cocktail shaker and a Cocktail glass to make. Players can buy these ingredients at the Tree Gnome Stronghold (for example in Heckel Funch's shop). A Cocktail glass may also be obtained from drinking a premade cocktail from the bar or picking one up east and northeast of the bar in the tree gnome stronghold.

Preparation :

1. Right click the cocktail shaker and select the Fruit Blast.

2. Pour the mix into a cocktail glass.

3. Slice a lemon and add it to the cocktail.

Upon completion of the Dig Site quest, if a player asks for a drink, a fresh fruit blast will be given to them.

When Ashes are added to a fruit blast during the quest Recipe for Disaster, it becomes a Dirty blast, which is one of the items needed for the quest. (Ashes can not be added until after the quest begins, and a premade fruit blast will not work!)

The optimal inventory setup is as follows:

5 Cocktail glasses

10 Lemons (or 5 Lemons and 5 Lemon slices)

5 Oranges

3 Cocktail shaker

Place the glasses 1st in the inventory, then the shaker. this prevents accidentaly drinking the cocktail you just made.

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