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A fruit blast is a Gnome cocktail which heals 200 lifepoints. Players can make it at 6 Cooking, which grants 50 Cooking experience. It requires a pineapplelemon slices, an orange, a cocktail shaker and a cocktail glass to make. Players can buy these ingredients at the Tree Gnome Stronghold (for example in Heckel Funch's shop). A cocktail glass may also be obtained from drinking a premade cocktail from the bar or picking one up east and northeast of the bar in the tree gnome stronghold.


  1. Right click the cocktail shaker and select the Fruit Blast.
  2. Pour the mix into a cocktail glass.
  3. Slice a lemon and add it to the cocktail.

Upon completion of the Dig Site quest, if a player asks for a drink, a fresh fruit blast will be given to them.

When ashes are added to a fruit blast during the quest Recipe for Disaster, it becomes a dirty blast, which is one of the items needed for the quest. (If ashes are added to the wrong drink a message stating that the cook does not want this drink will show) Ashes can not be added until after the quest begins, and a premade fruit blast will not work.

The optimal inventory setup is as follows:

First, place the glasses in the inventory, then the shaker. This prevents accidentally drinking the newly made cocktails.

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