This article is about the gnome food. For the Summoning familiar, see Fruit bat.
Fruit batta detail

Fruit battas are introduced with Gnome cooking and are a possible order in the minigame Gnome restaurant. They require level 25 Cooking and completion of Aluft Gianne snr.'s tutorial in the Grand Tree for 150 Cooking experience. Consumption heals 200 to 700 life points depending on the player's Constitution level.

A Premade fruit batta may be purchased from Gnome Waiters in the Grand Tree. However, these cannot be used for the Gnome Restaurant minigame.


Fruit batta
Cooking level 25
Cooking XP 150
Burn level Unknown edit
Utensils Batta tin, Knife
Ingredients Gianne Dough, Orange, Lime, Pineapple, 4 Equa leaves
Range only Yes
To make Fruit batta:
  1. Use Batta tin > Gianne Dough
  2. Cook on a range
  3. Use Knife > Orange > Chunks
  4. Use Knife > Lime > Chunks
  5. Use Knife > Pineapple > Chunks
  6. Add Orange chunks, Lime chunks, Pineapple chunks, Equa leaves
  7. Bake in a range
  8. Garnish with Gnome spice

Cookbook Recipe

This is the direct recipe found in Gianne's cook book:

Prepare Gianne dough in a batta tin as normal. Bake the dough for a short while. Top the batta with chunks of pineapple, orange and lime. Lay four sprigs of equa leaves on top of the batta before baking it in the oven once more. Finish the batta with a sprinkling of gnome spices.

Battas are normally a savory dish, and the fruit batta is definitely an acquired taste.

Sweet Tooth

Eating a fruit batta in Prifddinas is one of 10 items required for the Sweet Tooth title.


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