Fruity mush detail

Fruity mush is a type of animal feed that can be obtained from troughs at the player-owned farm after filling them with fruit. They may also be used to fill the troughs to feed livestock. Five are obtained from Granny Potterington during the tutorial at Manor Farm.


The following items can be used to create fruity mush:

Item Price
Watermelon Watermelon 537
Strawberry Strawberry 634
Redberries Redberries 600
Dwellberries Dwellberries 4,703
Jangerberries Jangerberries 866
White berries White berries 4,019
Cooking apple Cooking apple 499
Banana Banana 292
Orange Orange 2,066
Pineapple Pineapple 533
Papaya fruit Papaya fruit 5,562
Coconut Coconut 7,557
Calquat fruit Calquat fruit 358
Rumberry Rumberry 2
Exuberry Exuberry 2
Fireberry Fireberry 2
Blisterberry Blisterberry 2
Mournberry Mournberry 2
Stoneberry Stoneberry 2
Stormberry Stormberry 2
Rosaberry Rosaberry 2
Squiffberry Squiffberry 2
Meloberry Meloberry 2
Jitterberry Jitterberry 2
Cocoaberry Cocoaberry 2
Smoulderberry Smoulderberry 2
Sourberry Sourberry 2
Gloomberry Gloomberry 2
Musaberry Musaberry 2
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