Ful egg

The egg from which Ful hatched.

Ful is the Elder Goddess of Constancy and Fire. She is the creator of the Elder Kiln and the TokHaar race, and before the translation of the book written by a member of that race, nothing was known about Ful. She is the second oldest Elder God, as well as the second most powerful.

Ful and her fellow Elder Gods created many planets in the multiverse; they created them successively in an attempt to create a perfect one. They originally created with their bare hands, but after many failures, created powerful artefacts to aid them and enhance their powers.

Ful had created the Elder Kiln, and the TokHaar were created from it to build and shape mountains and planets.

When the Elder Gods found the world they created to be imperfect, they would take their artefacts and abandon it. With each failure and experience, the gods and their artefacts — Ful, The Elder Kiln, the TokHaar — grew more skillful in creating worlds.

The gods eventually created a world they deemed perfect: Gielinor. Satisfied with their accomplishment, the gods laid to rest and left their tools on this world. The TokHaar can be found in the Karamja Volcano to this day. Ful, along with the other Elder Gods (excluding Mah), are believed to rest on Gielinor, Mah is in Freneskae.

In Heart of Stone the player visits the Karamja Volcano again in search of the place where Ful is resting. Entering the portal that they find there, they discover a mouthpiece, FulKra, that speaks for the elder god. Kipple will then attempt to debate with the mouthpiece while the player fights off level 44 FulKra's attendants, and fire bursts from the ground. After the debate is over, the player may then speak with FulKra.


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