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Fungicide spray is a Slayer item used to fight Mutated Zygomites throughout Zanaris. When the Mutated Zygomite has only 10 to 20 health remaining, using the fungicide spray on the monster will remove the remaining health, killing it and allowing you to pick up the drops. It is impossible to kill mutated Zygomites without fungicide spray due to the player always hitting zeros when the Zygomites health gets down to 10.

The fungicide has ten charges when new, after which a refill must be placed in it to continue using. The refill gives the fungicide spray 10 more charges, with 10 being the maximum amount of charges that can be held at one time. It is purchasable from any Slayer Master for 300 coins, with refills costing 10 coins more. Somewhat ironically, fungicide spray refills are a common drop from Zygomites despite fungicide spray being the item used to kill them. However, you need a fungicide spray in the first place to kill them so getting a refill saves the inventory space one would need to carry the extra sprays.

Fungicide spray cannot be sold back to any slayer master once bought, so only buy as many as you will need. Zygomites often drop refills, meaning that you will probably not have to buy a charge of fungicide spray for every Zygomite you plan on killing. The slayer master Chaeldar is located close to where the Zygomites are, allowing players to easily buy more refills while training if they run out. Chaeldar is also the only slayer master that will assign Zygomites as an assignment.

Also if you have more than one Fungicide spray in you inventory and use them on the Zygomites, the charges are shared between the two instead of one whole can being used before the other.

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