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The Ga'al are TzHaar which have been born erroneously, and have not retained the memories of their ancestors (which other TzHaar do) as well as being physically different.

There are five "named" Ga'als:


Training a TzHaar-Ga'al

A TzHaar-Mej trains a TzHaar-Ga'al in the ways of combat.

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A Ga'al attempting to speak.
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A TzHaar-Ga'al speaks

During the early stages of Gielinor, the TokHaar formed mountains and completed the task that the Elder Gods had assigned them. Some of these TokHaar decided to stay in the mountain rather than return to the Elder Kiln, eventually becoming today's TzHaar. The TokHaar viewed this as weak and against their true purpose, and decided to cool the lava down to force the TzHaar to return to them sometime around the Fifth Age.

The TzHaar began to notice that the eggs began to hatch as Ga'al, who did not retain the memories of their ancestors. They decided to round up the Ga'al and send them into the Fight Pits against TzHaar and other Ga'als to die with dignity. The TzHaar attempted to find a way to stop the increasing amount of Ga'als hatching but failed to find a solution.

During the quest The Elder Kiln, after the death of his own Ga'al offspring, a TzHaar-Mej known as TzHaar-Mej-Jeh attempts to allow the Ga'al to regain their memories by infusing them with the TokKul of deceased TzHaar, and succeeded with their test on Ga'al-Xox.

Thinking that they had found a true solution to the Ga'al, the TzHaar began to send groups of Ga'al to the Elder Kiln along with the Tokkul of famed TzHaar to regain their memories. During the The Brink of Extinction, it is revealed that it did not stop the large amount of Ga'al from hatching in the incubation chambers. After defeating TokHaar-Hok and restoring the flow of lava to the TzHaar, the TzHaar reported that no Ga'al were hatching from the eggs.

Due to the adventurer's support for the Ga'al, Tzhaar-Mej-Jeh proclaimed that the Ga'al would be given a caste of their own and be taught by the TzHaar. Several Ga'al can be seen training with the TzHaar throughout the city after the quest is completed.


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