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Gadderanks chathead

Gadderanks is a man whose loyalty lies with the vampyres of Morytania and he is often tasked to collect blood tithes. To protect his family from the vampyres and to seek strength, Gadderanks is loyal to and works for the vampyres, collecting blood tithes from the inhabitants of Morytania to sustain the vampyric overlords. In this capacity he is accompanied by two Vampyre juvinates. Gadderanks is, due to his occupation, one of the most despised humans in Morytania. When the player kills him, Gadderanks drops the Gadderhammer, particularly powerful against Shades, which he feared.

In Aid of The Myreque

Gadderanks dies

Gadderanks's final moments

During the course of this quest, Vanstrom Klause, a Vampyre, discovers the occupation of Burgh de Rott and orders Gadderanks, with the Juvinates, to collect tithes from the village. The player, to save the townsfolk from vampyric tyranny and increase their prestige among the villagers, must kill Gadderanks and his bodyguards. As he dies, Gadderanks reveals that he undertook the terrible task to protect his family from any harm, and he reveals some of the weaknesses and fears of vampyres. The player will sadly comment on how he chose the wrong way to gain power. Gadderanks also implores the player to protect his family from the vampyres before he dies.

The Branches of Darkmeyer

Although he does not appear himself in The Branches of Darkmeyer, Gadderanks' wife Maria Gadderanks makes her debut in this quest, and is revealed to be a prisoner of the vampyres in Darkmeyer. Once a player earns enough status, she can be freed.


  • If a player kills Gadderanks and then begins the quest Desert Treasure, in the cutscene where the player meets Malak in the Hair of the Dog Inn, Malak tells Roavar that he came to claim blood tithes since "the incompetent fool" (Gadderanks) has disappeared.
  • During the quest, it is revealed that not only does Gadderanks serve the vampyres, but he eventually wants to become one himself, just like Vanstrom Klause.
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