Not to be confused with Underground Pass.
Galarpos Dungeon
Galarpos Dungeon.png
Release date 9 February 2011 (Update)
Kingdom None
Members Yes
Main music None
Levels None
Strongest monster None
Dwarf multicannon allowed Allowed
Quests taking place here The Prisoner of Glouphrie
Inhabitants None
Galarpos Dungeon map.png

The Galarpos Dungeon is a series of partially caved in, winding tunnels beneath the Galarpos Mountains separating Tirannwn from the rest of the continent. It is accessible only by descending the hollow trunks of two old dead trees growing on either side of the mountains. One is north of the Observatory's crystal tree location, the other north-east of Lletya. The tunnels contain several reservoirs of ground water seeping through the mountains.

The dungeon is visited during The Prisoner of Glouphrie, where it is traversed with the aid of Golrana in order to reach Arposandra.

One of the old, dead trees


From the east side of the pass

  1. Enter the dungeon by climbing through the dead tree north of the crystal tree.
  2. Click on the stalagmite to cross the chasm and follow the path south.
  3. Jump over the three gaps and continue north-west.
  4. Jump across the stepping stones. North, north, east, north, west, north.
  5. Follow the path north to the turn, then south and exit via the crevice.
  6. Outside the dungeon follow the path to the east and climb down the sturdy tree.

From the west side of the pass

  1. Behind the easternmost building in Lletya, climb up the rope attached to the sturdy tree.
  2. Follow the path east and climb through the Dead tree.
  3. Follow the path north to the turn, then south to the stepping stones.
  4. Jump across the stepping stones. South, east, south, west, south south. And follow the path south-east.
  5. Jump the three gaps and follow the path north.
  6. Click on the stalagmite to cross the chasm and leave the dungeon via the crevice.
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