Galarpos Mountains

The inhospitable Galarpos Mountains.

The Galarpos Mountains are part of a mountain range in Western Kandarin which separates Tirannwn from the rest of Gielinor. For a long time, the mountains were largely thought to be impassable. However, a gnome explorer named Bolrie found a shortcut through these mountains from Ourania and stumbled upon the elven village of Lletya.

Many years later, an adventurer along with the gnome Golrana rediscovered the shortcut and used a rope to get down from a cliff into the village. After the player completes The Prisoner of Glouphrie, he or she may still use the shortcut. These mountains are much safer compared to Arandar and especially the Underground Pass as no NPCs, let alone enemies, are around to attack the players.

Not long after, it was discovered that the hidden city Arposandra was within these mountains. Not much is known about the city except that it is directly below the mountains.


  • Go behind the eastern building in Lletya and use the rope to climb up.
  • South of Ourania near the Hill Giants

Points of interest

The mountains are supposed to be a shortcut, but it isn't really any quicker to get to Lletya this way, as you have to navigate the caves again. Due to the lack of maps available of this area, many players find it easier to simply home teleport to Tirannwn. Not much else can be found along the way except for a large amount of dead trees as well as an entrance to Arposandra.


  • "Galarpos" is a word in Old Gnomish which loosely translates to "All Rock" or "All Stone".
  • Galar pos is Welsh (as is the majority of Elven related things) for mourning puzzle, which refers to the Underground Pass.
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