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Gallimastices (tier 7) are large, slow, dinosaur-like creatures that dwell in all tunnels under Daemonheim. Their skin is sought after for making excellent Ranged armour.

Players can obtain hides from a Gallimastyx in one of two ways. Members can choose to trap the Gallimastyx with the Hunter skill. 60 Hunter is required to trap this creature, and successfully trapping a Gallimastyx yields 519 Hunter experience. In order to trap the Gallimastyx, a player must create a gallimastyx trap with the Fletching skill by using a knife on corpsethorne branches. Any branches can be used to create a trap, however, the higher the tier of the branches used to create the trap, the more likely the creature will successfully be caught and killed in the trap. Hunting the creatures tend to yield between three and seven Gallimastyx hides. If the trap fails, the Gallimastyx will wave its head at the side of the trap with enough force to dismantle and destroy the trap beyond repair, and another gallimastyx trap would need to be created in order to attempt to trap the creature again.

A second option for non-members and members without the required Hunter level is to kill the creature through combat. Unfortunately, this method yields one hide at the most, mainly due to the fact that the skin is damaged through combat. In addition, the use of combat to kill these creatures also yields no Hunter experience, so teams that can have the option to trap the creature often do so rather than fighting it.


100% drops

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Big bonesBig bones1AlwaysNot sold


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Gallimastyx hideGallimastyx hide1CommonNot sold


  • It is named after Gallimimus, a dinosaur from the late cretaceous period.
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