Gallimastyx hide is a Tier 7 Dungeoneering hide used to make gallileather armour. Players can obtain the hide either by hunting or killing a Gallimastyx or buying it from the Smuggler. Trapping is the more efficient method to gain hides instead of outright killing as more hides can be obtained while killing it may actually result in no hides.

The hide is also used as the tertiary ingredient in creating Naabe hoardstalker pouches.

Players can make the respective gallileather armour with a needle and thread in the inventory and the requisite Crafting level:

"Wikitable" !Level!!Image!!Item!!Exp!!Hides |- |61 |File:Gallileather Vambraces.png |Gallileather vambraces |64.1 |1 |- |63 |File:Gallileather Boots.png |Gallileather boots |65.8 |1 |- |65 |File:Gallileather coif inv.png |Gallileather coif |135 |2 |- |67 |File:Gallileather Chaps.png |Gallileather chaps |207.6 |3 |- |69 |File:Gallileather Body.png |Gallileather body |354.5 |5 |}

As with all Dungeoneering hides, no tanning is required before these can be made into armour.


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