The Game Design Team is a team of Jagex employees who design the game, creating ideas for the Content Development Team, designing interfaces, systems and other content for RuneScape.


Their roles vary in their sub-teams. But the main goal of a Game Designer is to design the aesthetics and functionality of RuneScape.


Picture Name Nationality Role Employed in
Mod Jack Mod Jack British Senior Game Designer 2010
Mod Mark Mod Mark British Design Director 2003[1]
Mod Ollie Mod Ollie British Senior Designer 2013
David Osborne Mod Osborne British Lead Designer for RuneScape 2006
N/A Mod William N/A Player Support Specialist
Mod Wulver Mod Wulver N/A Lead Designer


Picture Name Nationality Role Employed in
N/A Graham Bennett N/A Lead Game Designer 2002
N/A Mod Benny N/A Senior Systems Designer 2007
Mod Chihiro Mod Chihiro N/A Senior Game Designer 2006
N/A Mod Edam N/A Senior Game Designer 2009
N/A Mod Hew N/A Design Team Leader 2008
Mod Moltare Mod Moltare British Senior Game Designer 2009
N/A Mod Vincent N/A Game Designer 2004


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