Ganodermic poncho detail

A Ganodermic poncho is a piece of magic body armour that can be crafted by sewing 5,000 ganodermic flakes onto a mycelium poncho web with 98 Crafting, and worn with 85 Magic and Defence. Crafting the poncho will give you 1,000 crafting experience and can be done via the Assist System.

It currently offers the best bonuses in the game in slash, crush, summoning and magic defence, as well as Absorb Melee and Absorb Magic.

It lasts 10 hours in combat, losing 1% of its charge every six minutes (Prior to 6 December 2011, the armour lasted for 200 minutes in combat, only one third as much). After using 50% of the armour's total charge, the orange spots (visible in the picture) will disappear and it will turn a grayish colour.

It can be repaired by clicking on the degraded poncho while having a needle and thread in the inventory or in toolbelt. Repairing with ganodermic flakes currently requires 5 ganodermic flakes per 0.1% making a full repair require 5,000 ganodermic flakes. Currently, a full repair costs 1,955,000 assuming the flakes are bought from the grand exchange.

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