Garlic detail

Garlic is an item used for the Fishing Contest, Desert Treasure, and Vampyre Slayer quests. It is also need to make Guthix balance for the Morytania Medium Task. Despite being a food item, it cannot be eaten on its own. It is used, though, in making Spicy sauce and Guthix balance potions.

Garlic may also be used along with a stake and a hammer to kill Count Draynor, a level 28 Vampyre, at the end of the Vampyre Slayer quest.

Members may grind garlic into garlic powder with a pestle and mortar.

Obtaining garlic

Garlic can be found at these locations:

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Ardougne Spice StallEast Ardougne3Coins 3Coins 10Yes
Greengrocer of MiscellaniaMiscellania3Coins 3Coins 10Yes
Island GreengrocerEtceteria3Coins 3Coins 0Yes
Vegetable stallCatherby, Etceteria, Miscellania, and Taverley3Coins 3Coins 10Yes
Wydin's Food StorePort Sarim3Coins 3Coins 10No


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  • Before the release of Nomad's Requiem, the examine text for garlic was 'Can be found lying around Draynor Village and Ardougne'. This text was only used for help on where to find it, but was unreasonable as garlic can be obtained in several other places, and could only be examined once the player had already found one.
  • Previously, if your membership had expired you used to be able to grind garlic into garlic powder, assuming you had a pestle and mortar on your tool belt, even though it became an item which could not be used in non-members worlds. This was fixed on 5 May 2015.
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