Not to be confused with group gatestone.
Gatestone detail

A gatestone is an item used only in the Dungeoneering skill. By making one with the Create Gatestone spell and dropping it in a location of choice, the player can use the Gatestone Teleport to teleport directly to it. The gatestone grants 43.5 magic experience when created, although Gatestone Teleport does not grant any experience. It is not recommended to continually create and drop gatestones for magic xp, as you do not actually receive magic points when a gatestone is created within 20 seconds of the last one. So it would thus take several minutes to gain but a few points. Creating a gatestone requires 3 Cosmic Runes, although before 19 July 2010 it required multiple runes to create. This is useful if a player wishes to return to a room that is far away. However, be aware that dropping while in the Smuggler interface does not activate the ability to teleport to it.

Only one gatestone can be dropped at any time; therefore, multiple gatestones cannot be made. If a gatestone is already in the player's inventory, a message appears saying, "You already have a gatestone in your pack. Making another would be pointless". If a gatestone has already been dropped and the player attempts to make another one, the currently existing gatestone may be destroyed.

The player may only teleport once per stone. If the player dies with a stone, it will automatically drop onto the floor, allowing the player to quickly teleport to the location. If a player drops a gatestone and later logs out or disconnects and then logs back into the dungeon, they will lose that gatestone.

Alchemising the gatestone used to be a decent method to earn free Magic Experience for patient players willing to spend some time at the end of the dungeon creating gatestones. However, since this can no longer be done, players who wish to earn free Experience must now drop the gatestones, then cast Gatestone Teleport repeatedly.


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