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Gatestone Teleport
Gatestone Teleport
Release date 12 April 2010 (Update)
Members No
Level 32
Spellbook Daemonheim
Type Teleport
Experience No
Runes No
Gatestone teleport
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Gatestone Teleport allows the player to teleport to a dropped gatestone, which is created by casting the Create Gatestone spell. Players may only teleport once per stone, as the gatestone shatters after this spell is cast. The spell is one of the two ways to teleport away from boss fights in Daemonheim (avoiding death count), making it very popular among dungeoneers.

A gatestone is made by performing the Create Gatestone spell, which requires the caster to have 3 cosmic runes in their inventory.


  • Casting Gatestone Teleport will negate ALL damage done to the player from enemy attacks, even if the damage has already been calculated (such as monster attacking from a distance). So long as the player teleports before the hitsplat appears, the player will take no damage. This has been used to "solo" many bosses in 5:5 Large dungeons, such as Skeletal Trio, Gravecreeper, and more. Although it negates damage, the gatestone teleport willnot negate either stat changes (e.g. Shadow-forger's stat draining flash special attack) or poisonous hits (e.g. dungeon spiders) and stun/bind effects (e.g. Rammernaut's various special attacks).
    • In contrast, the Group Gatestone Teleport does not negate damage or stat changes. Whether this was intended or not is unknown. This exploit has become known as "Gatestone Soaking."
  • Notably, you may not use the Gatestone Teleport spell in the luminescent icefiend's room.
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