Gatestone Teleport 2
Gatestone Teleport 2
Release date 10 September 2013 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 90
Spellbook Daemonheim
Type Teleport
Experience 0.1
Runes Daemonheim aura 4
Quest Daemonheim Tasks
Gatestone 2 Teleport
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Gatestone Teleport 2 is the name of the second gatestone teleport. It is a teleport unlocked after completing the elite Daemonheim Tasks set.

To activate this spell, equip the tier-4 aura obtained from the elite Daemonheim task set. Locate the Create Gatestone 2 spell in the Dungeoneering spellbook. Next, drop the newly-created gatestone. Locate the proper teleport and you will be teleported to the second gatestone.

The teleport will behave similarly to the original Gatestone Teleport, but instead of a black-spiralled animation, it will have a red-spiralled animation.

This teleport is of unlimited use (assuming that the gatestone 2 is dropped) and requires no runes--only the aura to be worn.

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