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The gem bag upgrade can be purchased for 20,000 Dungeoneering tokens from the Rewards Trader if the player has an ordinary gem bag in their inventory. It can hold up to 60 of each type of uncut gem (and only in their uncut state). The upgraded gem bag can hold the following gem types:

To deposit a gem, just use it with the gem bag or left-click the bag to store any uncut gems in your inventory. You will get the message: "You add the gem[s] to your bag." The gem bag has the following options:

  • Fill
  • Withdraw
  • Inspect
    • Your gem bag has # sapphires, # emeralds, # rubies, # diamonds and # dragonstones.
  • Use
  • Empty
  • Destroy
    • Gems inside
      • You can't destroy this item with gems in it.
  • Examine


While the ordinary gem bag holds 100 gems total and doesn't include dragonstone, the gem bag upgrade holds 60 each of the five types, including dragonstone, for a total capacity of 300 gems. However, no more than 60 of one of the types can be held at once, unlike the standard bag. For example, if a player has 70 sapphires, they would only be able to store 60 of them in the upgraded bag, while the standard bag would take all of them.

The upgraded version is available to members only, which means members will no longer be able to use or retrieve gems from it after their subscription ends. Gem bags also cannot be upgraded unless empty.

Store locations

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  • The maximum coin value that can be stored in an upgraded Gem Bag is 1,327,560 coins, the combined cost of 60 of all the gems.
  • The bag's value is unaffected by its contents, so even when full, the wealth evaluator will still only show 25,000 coins.
  • Unlike a normal Gem bag, the contents of Gem bag upgrade could not be emptied to the inventory while the player was in their bank screen giving the message "You can't do that.". This was intentional due to technical limitations, but was Ninjafixed on the 23rd of June 2014.
  • If you die with the upgraded gem bag, and go to the Rewards Trader and buy a new gem bag and upgrade, your gems will be inside. This still works if you log out before you buy it back.