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On 30 April 2013, Jagex has implemented a new update to the 4 God Wars Dungeon bosses: Hard Mode. It is significantly harder than the current bosses.

New Special Attack:


General Graardor will hit the floor, causing rocks to fall from the ceiling. This is similar to the events in The World Wakes quest. These rocks can hit over 1000 - so try to run clear of any shadows in the room, around which you will take heavy damage when the rocks hit.


General Graardor will go into defensive mode where all damage is reflected. Players are advised to run away from him when he clutches his hand to his body. Any damage you deal will be reflected back at you for half the amount dealt.


General Graardor will swipe the area in front of him with hard hits - it is advised to run behind him and continue attacking from there. This attack is the easiest of the three to avoid.

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