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On 30 April 2013, Jagex has implemented a new update to the 4 God Wars Dungeon bosses: Hard Mode.

Graardor's autoattacks are much stronger, dealing more damage compared to his normal version, also having increased accuracy. He also has 100,000 life points rather then 40,000. He often combines his ranged and melee attacks to deal devastating combos against his foes.

In addition, he has the following abilities:

  • "Graardor mad!" - Graardor mindless launches his fists into the area his target was. Moving away from that area will result in taking no damage and he will continue to do this for a short time.
  • "Graardor protect." - Graardor puts himself in a defensive stance. Two ticks after saying this, damage inflicted on him is reduced by half and the attackers will suffer reflect damage which can deal low or high damage depending on the hit.
  • "Graardor smash!" - Hard Mode Graardor's most dangerous ability, he will pummel the ground rapidly and can do some attacks while he is doing this. Shortly afterwards, rocks from the ceiling above will crash onto the arena, dealing damage anywhere from 600-1400 per rock. The rock has an area of effect radius of 3x3 and many rocks fall during the duration of the ability. It should be noted that the more players there are in the arena, more rocks will fall and can result in a quick death.

Unlike Graardor's normal mode instance, Surge and Escape can be used in a Hard Mode instance. Use these abilities to keep him from catching up to you, as these abilities only occur when Graardor has done a specific amount of attacks. Unlike other bosses, Graardor uses each ability often rather then using one ability and sticking to another one for the duration of the kill. Meleeing is not recommended when fighting Graardor in Hard Mode because it will make you susceptible to all attacks and abilities Graardor has.


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