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**Body: [[Superior sea singer's robe top]] > [[Virtus robe top]] > [[Ganodermic poncho]] > [[Ahrim's robe top]]
**Body: [[Superior sea singer's robe top]] > [[Virtus robe top]] > [[Ganodermic poncho]] > [[Ahrim's robe top]]
**Legs: [[Superior sea singer's robe bottom]] > [[Virtus robe legs]] > [[Ganodermic leggings]] > [[Ahrim's robe skirt]]
**Legs: [[Superior sea singer's robe bottom]] > [[Virtus robe legs]] > [[Ganodermic leggings]] > [[Ahrim's robe skirt]]
**Weapon: [[Seismic wand]] > [[Virtus wand]] > [[Chaotic staff]] > [[Armadyl battlestaff]] > [ Abyssal Wand] > [[Wand of Treachery]]/[[Ahrim's wand]]
**Weapon: [[Seismic wand]] > [[Virtus wand]] > [[Chaotic staff]] > [[Armadyl battlestaff]] > [[Abyssal wand|Abyssal Wand]] > [[Wand of Treachery]]/[[Ahrim's wand]]
**Shield: [[Arcane spirit shield]] >  [[Ward of Subjugation]]
**Shield: [[Arcane spirit shield]] >  [[Ward of Subjugation]]
**Off-hand: [[Seismic singularity]] > [[Virtus book]] > [[Abyssal orb]] > [[Ahrim's book of magic]]
**Off-hand: [[Seismic singularity]] > [[Virtus book]] > [[Abyssal orb]] > [[Ahrim's book of magic]]

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General Graardor is one of the most popular of the five God Wars Dungeon bosses to kill, as he is arguably one of the easiest, but players should not take him too lightly. To enter Bandos's Stronghold, players must have at least 70 Strength and a hammer (the hammer in the tool belt can be used in this situation). To get to the boss room, players must kill 40 minions of Bandos in Bandos's Stronghold or the main God Wars Dungeon area.

Getting the Kill Count

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In the past, goblins were very low level and therefore frequently used to make up the Bandos killcount very quickly. These have since been buffed considerably, and are now more in line with any other of the Bandos minions. The best monsters to build killcount on now are the Spiritual rangers in Bandos's Stronghold, providing you have the required 63 slayer. If you do not have the required slayer level to combat Spiritual rangers, it is recommended that you fight Bandosians in the Northwest corner of the main room, as these are generally lower level than the minions within the stronghold. It is best to kill Goblins when possible, compared to Hobgoblins or Jorges because of their higher lifepoints. Orks can be killed if the player wishes, due to having the same amount of lifepoints as goblins and are very close to each other.


Because Graardor is one of the easiest of the five bosses, he is commonly killed. It can be difficult to find a world in which he is not being killed, especially at peak times. Once players get 40 killcount, they will then be able to kill General Graardor for a chance to get his famed helm, chestplate, tassets, gloves, boots and shield. He also drops excellent common drops, dropping more moderate levelled resources compared to K'ril or Kree'arra, who tend to drop high level materials less often.

The best way is to go north of the big door to the chamber room, and hop there so a misclick won't make you lose your 40 killcount. A Zamorak/Nex item is optional but it will save you food from the constant Bloodveld attack.


Here are General Graardor's basic attacks:

  • Melee attack: He thrusts his right arm for a bone-crushing blow. This can deal extremely high damage, up to 3000 but doesn't tend to hit over 1800 (900 with Melee prayers)
  • Ranged attack: Graardor only uses this when he is attacking a player outside of melee range. He smashes his hand into the ground creating shockwaves. This is not as accurate now, but can still deal over 600 lifepoints of damage occasionally. This attack hits everyone in the room.


Whenever players decide to fight General Graardor and his minions, Sergeant Steelwill, Sergeant Strongstack, and Sergeant Grimspike, everyone will attack Graardor first. When Graardor dies, some players attack Steelwill first, while others attack Grimspike because of his higher damage rate. Strongstack is usually left for the tank (if they can use Soul Split) because of his relatively low defence against players.

After the Evolution of Combat update, Graardor has no weaknesses to any point of the combat triangle. This allows for players to range, mage and melee him at their own accord. A player with 80+ combat stats and a reasonable prayer level (60+) can expect to prevail against Graardor at least once before having to bank.

Graardor strangely has very high ranged defense despite not having any weaknesses, so range setups are not recommended.


As of late, Soloing for high level players is very common. It requires high stats for effectiveness.

​ Abilities:

Familiar: war tortoise/Pack yak

  • (non prayer method): 6-8 prayer potions
  • Rest of familiar is food (sharks or better)
  • all food if using prayer method

Duo/Trio teams

Duo and trio teams tend to be common. These teams require medium to high stats, such as maxed or near-maxed melee, as well as the prayer and herblore level requirements to use Turmoil and Overloads.

Note: The Ring of Wealth will not work in LootShare/CoinShare. Due to this, it should only be used in FFA teams.



Since the Evolution of Combat, General Graardor no longer has any weakness. This opens up the ability to mage him. This has proven to be very effective if opting for a barrage spell. Because of the multi-hitting nature of the barrage spells, the sergeants can be killed more than once per boss kill. This typically results in 7 killcount per boss kill, instead of the usual 4. This means more chance at loot, which is very desirable.

Super magic potion (4)Super magic potion (4)Prayer renewal (4)Prayer renewal (4)
Super restore (4)Spirit terrorbird pouchSpirit terrorbird pouch50Bones to peaches
Shark300Air rune300Fire runeFile:File:Teleport to house (chipped).png

(1.) Using a wand and orb + blood burst/barrage works very well, due to you attacking faster, and being able to hit Graardor as well as hit multiple of his sergeants. This allows you to heal a decent amount, as well as kill those sergeants multiple times before finally killing Graardor himself (as stated above), allowing for more chances to get better drops.

Tips and Tricks

  • Killcount is slightly harder now. When grabbing the killcount, you should do it in Bandos's Stronghold because it is full of Bandosians and a few Zamorakians. If you grab the killcount outside, avoid using your multi-hitting attacks. The Spiritual rangers inside die very fast. If you run low on health, avoid eating your Rocktails and instead use the Regenerate ability when your health runs low.
  • Avoid killing Spiritual mages for the killcount unless you are ranging, as they are now more resilient to melee attacks but weaker to range attacks, unless you want to make profit from your killcount.
  • When killing Graardor by yourself, you certainly want to reduce the damage since without any sort of healing (minus food) during a kill, it can be dangerous if you cannot kill him fast enough. Stay at the top right corner of the room so when Graardor spawns, you should only have Grimspike and him starting to attack you, and during the kill the other two will eventually come to his aid. You can save much food doing this.
  • Since Graardor will not hit often (melee armour is strong against respective melee and ranged attacks), the use of Saradomin brews and Super restores are usually pointless when killing him. A set of Prayer flasks and Rocktails is good enough to last for over 20 kills if you are lucky with food drops.
  • The Bandos altar is useful for recharging prayer. It will recharge your Prayer points completely, and also +10 (1) Prayer points for every Bandos item you have. After recharging your Prayer, you must wait 10 minutes to do so again. Remember you cannot use this while in combat!
  • The tank should stay near Graardor's spawn point.
Bandos altar

The altar dedicated to Bandos in General Graardor's chamber.

  • While waiting for the boss to respawn, stay on the altar corners. When Graardor spawns, only he and Sergeant Grimspike will attempt to attack you. The other two Sergeants will not attack you unless you get too close to them or you manage to hurt Graardor enough. This is useful as Sergeant Steelwill's attack is short-ranged, and will save a lot of food.
  • Organize drops carefully. Unless you have a Pack Yak to deposit all Graardor's drops or Magic notepaper, it is not recommended to pick the bones up unless you bury them.
  • Using the ability Debilitate may be useful against Graardor, as it can allow a safe use of Soul Split. Berserk is not recommended unless the player is not tanking or has a sip of Adrenaline potion in their inventory.
  • Prayer potions are not usually needed in quantities more than 1-3 as the altar can recharge your prayer points every 10 minutes and because of the frequent Super Restore drops, along with an ease of killing the boss.


General Graardor is known for his common Rune platebody, Rune 2h sword, Rune pickaxe and Rune longsword drops. Many of his lower value drops are conveniently noted. Graardor is known to have a higher drop rate of Bandos armour than his bodyguards. His non rare drops can also be valuable, with the average kill worth between 15,000 and 40,000 coins. His special drops are of quite high value due to the their status as a power gear, which gives extra damage to your attacks. Graardor's bodyguards are known to drop a decent number of Chili potatoes, Sharks, noted Limpwurt roots, Nature runes and Cosmic runes quite frequently. As with all bodyguards of their respective general, they also drop Steel darts and Steel arrows in high numbers often.

Boss/Bodyguards Bandos tassets Bandos chestplate Bandos gloves Bandos boots Bandos helmet Godsword shards Bandos hilt Clue scroll (hard/elite)
General Graardor Yes check Yes check Yes check Yes check Yes check Yes check Yes check Yes check
Sergeant Steelwill, Sergeant Grimspike, Sergeant Strongstack Yes check Yes check Yes check Yes check Yes check Yes check X mark Yes check
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