Ghastly request scroll detail

Ghastly request scroll enables the use of the Ghastly request special move for a Ghast. These scrolls cannot be created, but the purchase of the pouch is accompanied by 25 scrolls.

Ghastly request

Ghastly request is a special move for Ghastly familiars, which restores 100 prayer points. It costs 20 special points per scroll, so 3 scrolls are possible per Summoning energy bar. Reverence aura and holy wrench do not affect this restore. A maximum total of 10700 prayer points are able to be restored within the 69 minute time limit. Likewise, using ghastly request scrolls in combination with prayer renewals can be a highly effective method for restoring prayer in long term combat situations such as training or Slayer.


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  • Most special moves have all words capitalized, but this special does not.
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