Ghorrock dungeon (frozen)
Release date 3 December 2009 (Update)
Kingdom Wilderness
Members Yes
Main music The Horn of Chill
Levels 1
Strongest monster Icefiend (level 107)
Dwarf multicannon allowed Allowed
Quests taking place here The Temple at Senntisten
Inhabitants Demons, dragons
Ghorrock map
Ghorrock west

Western entrance to the castle.

Mahjarrat Ritual Site map

Ghorrock as it appears today

Ghorrock entrance

Ghorrock's icy exterior.

Ghorrock is an abandoned Zarosian fortress located in The North. Only the lower two above-ground floors, the two dungeon levels, and the exterior can currently be accessed. There is at least one more floor that cannot be reached as well as numerous doors and trapdoors that cannot be opened. The fortress is entered via arches in the southern wall. An intact statue of General Khazard is present in the fortress's courtyard. Completing a small portion of The Temple at Senntisten is required to melt the Ice Block and enter the fortress.


Until the addition of The Temple at Senntisten quest, Ghorrock was believed to have been destroyed during the God Wars, like the rest of Zaros's settlements (e.g. Carrallangar). The location at which the Ghorrock Teleport leaves players, in the Frozen Waste Plateau, suggested that the fortress had been completely destroyed, with no existing remains. However, the quest revealed that Ghorrock actually still remains, albeit being farther north-west than previously believed. This means that Ghorrock is the last of the Second Age Zarosian settlements still in existence. The last record of inhabitants was left by Lamarinta, Matriarch of Ghorrock, when she noted that Ali the Wise had brought news of the end of the God Wars. By then, there were barely a hundred residents, and even those had to keep their worship of Zaros a secret.[1]

Ghorrock houses a legendary artefact, called Frostenhorn in human tongue by the Fremennik. It is actually not a horn that freezes, but a horn that magnifies power, in this case the cold climate of the location.[2] After the removal of the horn, the dungeons began to thaw[3], creating many waterfiends and icefiends.

Heat globe pedestal

You find a lot of these pedestals in the castle.

Getting there

Ghorrock can only be accessed upon reaching a certain stage of The Temple at Senntisten quest.

  • From the Rellekka Hunter area (fairy ring code: DKS) take the canoe (North-West from fairy ring code: DKS) to the Mahjarrat Ritual Site Cavern, then pass the ice block to the east. This is recommended because it allows one to skip the Wilderness (and therefore the risk of potential player killers). However, a heat globe is needed to pass Ice Block. You do not need a heat globe during Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
  • After the completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat, players may use the Glacor Cave (fairy ring code: DKQ) to access Ghorrock instead, gaining the Stone of Jas damage boost in the process. Run north from the ring to the cavern exit, then north again across the ritual site to the tunnel into the wall that leads to Ghorrock. The north side of the tunnel is enclosed by debris and safe from iron dragons.


Iron and steel dragons patrol the grounds surrounding the structure however they are not aggressive.

During The Temple at Senntisten the fortress's dungeon is home to a small number of waterfiends variants that are immune to fire spells and icefiends as well as the ice demon. After the quest, the dungeon contains a large number of aggressive level 107 icefiends on the top floor and level 102 waterfiends on the lower.


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