Giant Eagle

A Giant eagle is discovered in the Eagles' Peak Dungeon in her nest. The hunter Nickolaus stumbles into her nest and the eagle mistakes him for her chick and does not let him escape. There are other giant eagles in the dungeon, like the Polar eagle, Jungle eagle, and the Desert eagle.

After completion of the Eagles' Peak quest, a player may use the Giant eagle as transport. The eagles can be lassoed using a rope, and they can take you to their respective Hunter locations. The Polar eagle takes you to the Rellekka Hunter area; the Desert eagle takes you to the Hunter area west of Uzer; the Jungle eagle takes you to the Hunter area south of the Feldip Hills.

When these eagles are lassoed in their lairs at the other hunter locations, they bring you back to Eagles' Peak, which is very close to the Piscatoris hunting area. There is also a Karamjan jungle eagle, which can be used to go the Jade Vine Maze in Karamja as long as the quest Back to my Roots has been completed.

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