For the monster from Dealing with Scabaras, see Giant scarab (Dealing with Scabaras).
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The Giant scarab is fought during the final battle of the Contact! quest. It summons level 75 locust riders and scarab mages to aid it in its battle. The Giant Scarab is the sixth highest level quest only monster that is fought via conventional means in the game.

It hits upwards of 200 life points with melee and ranged and is very poisonous, with the damage starting at 98 per hit. If you are out of melee range from the Giant Scarab and are using Protect from Missiles, a message will say "The scarab clacks its mandibles and you are mystically poisoned," so you will be poisoned anyway, unless you drink antipoison or are holding an anti-poison totem.

The grey object in its back is Kaleef's keris dagger.

The Giant Scarab is fightable as a class D boss monster in the Dominion Tower minigame if the player has completed Contact!. During the Dominion Tower battle, however, the player can use keris, and the riders and mages that the scarab summons are level 75.

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